Chapter 29 — Zayn

“Malik!” Alex spoke approaching to me whilst I was checking there wasn’t anything else in the room that I might have forgotten. I smiled as the black-haired girl got closer with a huge smile.

We hadn’t been alone in a room in a long time and the last time something like this happened, my feelings for her were still confusing and painful. In that occasion I saw her as the woman I wanted for me; that day I saw her as a friend.

“Vas happenin’?” I asked focusing all my attention on her. “You done with everything?”

“Yup. Niall is taking the bags to the car. How about you?” She asked sitting on the bed and crossing her legs in a yoga position.

“Done,” I replied taking a seat next to her. I knew she wanted to talk about something else with me, otherwise she would have spoken from the doorframe. But she came into the room. She wanted something. “What do you wanna tell me?” I pushed her and she giggled, her cheeks going red immediately.

“It’s about Mila. You two are my friends and I know I joke a lot with the whole OTP thing, and I’m really happy for you two but I need to ask you something,” she stopped meeting my gaze and I saw her serious expression. “I need to know what you really feel for her, Zayn. Mila is my friend, I have to take care of her.”

A part of me was offended that Alex thought I was able to hurt Mila to the point she had to ask me, but then at the same time I could understand her perfectly. She had to be sure I was really into Mila, which I was. Very into her. I just didn’t only fancied her, I liked her, I really liked her and I had no fear to scream that to the whole world.

“I really, really, like her, Alex. It’s… it’s different with her, I can’t explain it. I can only tell you I care about her way too much and I would never hurt her,” I said hoping she would understand what I was trying to say, though for me it didn’t make much sense once I said it out loud.

The black-haired girl smiled as she put her hand on my knee. “I’m glad. I was scared that maybe me and Moni pushed you two into this and you weren’t really up for it. I’m so happy that this is happening because you want it, not because you think you want it. Does that make sense for you?” Inquired the girl with a little frown and a goofy smile.

“Incredibly, it does,” I laughed and she joined me immediately. “To be honest, I never took seriously your jokes. Everything that had happened the last couple of days is because I wanted it to happen.”

“That’s great. So now, you better take care of Mila. If you hurt her, you’ll have me and Moni to cut your balls, so be careful. We don’t care you’re half of our OTP, we’ll protect Mila.”

“So you’ve already talked about this with Moni, uh?” I asked her still laughing.

“Yup. Very seriously. I’m just warning you because I love you, you know that. Now,” she added standing up in a very fluid movement. “My blond boyfriend is waiting for me and, as a good prince in shining armour, I shall not make him wait any longer.” And the funny part of that statement wasn’t her pompous tone, but that she considered herself the prince and Niall the princess in distress.

Those two had a special relationship.

“Alex!” We heard an Irish accent from downstairs and she just arched an eyebrow at me. I laughed harder as she just shook her head and walked away, not without giving me a last honest and happy smile at the end.

And talking about relationships, I had to talk to Mila just to make sure what was going to happen with us after this. We were leaving Harry’s bungalow and that meant holidays were over, therefore less time to spend together. She had to go back to uni and we had to keep promoting the new album. World tour was getting closer and I feared that maybe because of that, things with Mila might become complicated. We had to clarify everything now.

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