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Kristoni Barnes

November 24th, 3:30PM

"Sweets sit still so I can finish your hair," I said while sitting Charli in between my legs for what felt like the thousandth time. "Your aunt is going to kill me for being late," I mumbled to myself.

"Mommy can I have one top balls on my head?"

I chuckled, "It's called a top knot baby. And yes you can," I said while grabbing the container of Eco Styler gel.

Dave was also coming to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Charli hasn't seen him yet since he's been down here, because he wanted to surprise her. So he's been staying at his hotel.

"Mmm, mommy I can't wait to eat. I'm going to eat until my stomach is all the way out here," she said stretching her arms out as far as she could.

"Me too sweets." I honestly couldn't wait to get my hands on a plate of food. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday out of all of them, just because of the food itself.

Within 5 minutes, I was done with her hair and putting the finishing touches on her edges.

"Okay, I'm all done. Do you like it?" I said bring her in front of my full body mirror.

"I love it mommy, thank you!" She yelled before running off into her room.

"Put your shoes on Charli so we can get ready to go, you better not touch any of those toys," I yelled after her.

I finished putting the final touches to my makeup, making sure everything was up to my standards for my slight OCD. Everything that I did had to be perfect, and makeup was one of them since I didn't put it on often.

I grabbed my bag off of my bed before walking out into the living room to grab my keys and jacket. Charli came skipping down the hallways shortly after me.

"Mommy can I bring my doll with me? She wants to have Thanksgiving too."

"Yes you can, but make sure you don't leave her at Aunt Steph's."

I put her jacket on before locking the door & heading down to my car. The entire car ride consisted of the both of us singing songs off of Beyoncé's Homecoming album. Charli was even trying to do some of the dance moves in her car seat.

"Go sweets," I smiled cheering her on as I looked in the rear view mirror at her.

After a 20 minute drive filled with Beyonce & Destiny's Child, I was pulling up to my Aunt's block. I tried to find a parking spot along the street due to the number of cars that were parked in front of her house. After parking, I grabbed Charli out of the backseat before walking a little ways up the street to get to my Aunt's house.

As we walked through the front door, the various smells immediately hit my nose causing my stomach to grumble a little more.

"Kristoni Barnes, I know that better be you walking through my front door!" My aunt yelled from the kitchen, making me immediately roll my eyes.

I didn't say anything until Charli spoke up for us. "We're here Aunt Stephanie!" She yelled as she ran in the kitchen.

"Charli no running in the house!"

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