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I helped Zabdiel out of the car when we arrived home, I checked the time and it was already five am. I helped Zabdiel out of his pants and into some basketball shorts. It really hurt to see him like this. He had to lay on his back and he was slowly falling asleep. I smiled softly, he looked so peaceful and beautiful despite the few bruises here and there.

I tied my hair into a messy bun and I turned off the room light, I carefully made my way into the bed but I kept my distance so I wouldn't hurt him by accident. Just the fact that his presence is right next to me was barely enough for me to sleep well. I laced our fingers together and I held his hand as I closed my eyes and I soon fell asleep as well.


I woke up to a Zabdiel in pain, "Babe are you okay?" I asked him as I helped him sit up, "I'm okay, I'm okay. Can I take some medicine, I think I'll be fine if I take it ." He groaned and I nodded. I quickly made my way downstairs to grab a glass of water and I grabbed the small baggie that had his pain medicine. I tried to make it up to the stairs and I almost tripped but I'm fine. It's all good.

I was there distracting Zabdiel from his pain. At ten in the morning, I decided to read him the Harry Potter book I was reading. The whole house was silent, we've never been trapped together for so long. I helped him to the couch, to shower..which wasn't as awkward as I thought. He was supposed to stay in bed but after a while, his back would hurt. Eventually, he wanted to go outside and there I was helping him as we walked into the little garden we recently started making. It's wasn't full of flowers but we thought it would make a nice addition to have more flowers here.

We sat on a little bench, we were talking about which other flowers to add and how many since we wanted a variety, by we: I meant me. "Daisy's look better next to the Roses than the tulips." I told him, "Let's just move the roses the other way." He asked, "But the roses are already growing. It'll be a hassle to just move them." I responded, we heard food steps and we turned and saw some of Zabdiel's men walking our way. "Hola jefe, cómo te sientes? Todavía tienes dolor?" This guy named Miguel said. "Me siento bien, a veces siento dolor pero estoy bien." Zabdiel said, "No puedes morir, te necesitamos." One said as a joke and I squeezed Zabdiel's hand. I was still upset that he almost died, I was so worried. But at least he's fine now. "No voy a morir tan pronto. Todavía quiero hacer muchas cosas." Zabdiel said and he squeezed my hand back. "Isabella estas cuidando de el?" One asked me. "Por supuesto que estoy cuidando de él. Estaba preocupada." I admitted and the men awwed, they're freaking weird.

"Necesitamos hablar más sobre los envíos." Miguel said, "Puedes hablar de eso más tarde? Zabdiel necesita descansar y no quiero que se estrese. Cuanto antes descanse, antes podrá regresar con ustedes a los laboratorios y hablar sobre los envíos." I spoke up, they all just looked at me and saw what Zabdiel would do. They know Zabdiel as a leader that doesn't take shit from anybody especially a woman but I know him as someone completely different. "Podemos hablar de esto mañana, necesito descansar," Zabdiel said and I smiled.

It's not exactly that I wanted him with me the whole time or I wanted the attention. Maybe a little. I was genuinely worried and I wanted him to rest. His men nodded and they got him chocolate, alcohol, and weed to feel better. I've never seen him smoke weed before, sometimes I do smell weed on him or I can taste it when I kiss him but I mean I can't do anything about it.

I think it's because of my asthma, he doesn't want the smoke around me to fuck up my lungs. When his men were outside the clinic smoking I had my mouth and nose covered the whole time so I couldn't smell it because cigarette smoke can really mess me up.

His men left after a while to just chit chat with Zabdiel to help distract him. I had made a small lunch for everyone so they can eat as well because I wasn't sure if they were hungry. It was just sandwiches but they seemed to like them. When they left I changed Zabdiel's bandage, "Bebe me haces un favor?" Zabdiel asked me. "What do you need?" I asked as he put a strand of my hair behind my ear. "In my office I have a domino set that Erick got me a while back. I want to play dominos with you." He said, "I don't know how to play dominos.." I admitted. "I'll show you how to play." He smiled and I nodded. I walked inside his office and I looked around to find the domino box. What does it look like anyway?