Chapter 32:

*Louis's P.O.V.*

Two months may not seem that long to most, but it was for Harry and me especially. It's been two months since Rosie's accident and she still hasn't awaken from her coma. 

Seeing her peaceful face every day whilst she was attached to those wretched machines was unbearable. Harry visited her every day as I did also. 

Once I caught him holding her small hand in his abnormaly large one and he was crying. Seeing him this heartbroken was a new scenario. 

Adding to the accident, I had a lot on my mind. My dad was out there and was trying to kill Rosie. Why not me? I'm not saying I would like to die, but these questions were left in my mind, unanswered. Did he have anything to do with Rosie's accident?

There hasn't been a sign of him in these past couple of months and I would rather have it that I'd never have to see his face. 

"Boobear, it's been two months." Harry said to his hands. We were sitting in the hospital cafeteria. He had gone to the vending machine and came back with a bag of crisps. 

"I know it's long but we have to keep hoping." I said, trying to brighten his gloomy face. But to be honest, I felt the same way. Every day that went by, it had me wondering, "What if she doesn't wake up?"

What if...

What if she doesn't remember...

*Rosie's P.O.V.*

"Stay strong my dear." A soothing voice said to me. A figure, dressed in all white, said to me. Her  hair was flowing out behind her.

We were on a beach. It was only us. Her white dress flowed out from behind her. I heard the waves crashing and saw the seagulls soaring overhead. 

"Who are you?" I whispered. "Where am I?"

"I won't let you join me to the afterlife have a family...people who love you. I will see you later on, but not this soon." She said. I squinted because the figure was bright. I recognized her. 


"Live your life. You are lucky Rosie. Lucky." She said. 

"What, I-"

"You're lucky because you should really be dead, but some miracles happen Rosie. This is a miracle..."

"What do you mean I'm supposed to be dead?" I cried. 

"Hush." She said. "This is why you have to live life to the fullest. You were given a second chance so take that chance. It's a chance to live again."

"Chance? What? I-"

"I hope you remember everything..." She said just above a whisper. "Remember please..." She started to float away, but her eyes stayed locked with mine. 

"Remember what? Tell me!" I cried. I reached out to the figure. I needed more answers. "Don't leave! What am I supposed to remember?" 

The figure soon disappeared into a bright white light and then I was consumed in a pitch black darkness. I wanted to get out, but I just couldn't.

Remember what?

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Two months since I've seen those blue eyes of hers. They sparkled in a way that made me miss her more than I already did. If that was possible.