After Hayley, Brooke, and I witnessed the whole Cherry Pie incident, as we now like to call it, we went to class. Hayley pulled Brooke aside to talk to her, and I left once she mentioned tampons. I was not sticking around for that conversation.

I decided to take a walk around the school, since I've had a lot on my mind lately. The whole ordeal with Tyler wanting to mate with Hayley really has had me on edge for some reason.

I hated what Tyler was doing to Hayley, and for some reason it bothered me way more than it should. Shouldn't friends just be really pissed off, and not be wanting to kill him and seriously thinking about doing it?

Lately Hayley's been acting a little strange around me. She's been a little more jumpy and been staying by Brooke most of the time. She's acting normal, but I've been feeling like she's trying to distance herself from me. I want to know why. Sue me.

I walked outside and took a breath of fresh air. I had the urge to shift and take a run, but I knew better than that. I couldn't risk any humans seeing us. I thought about telling Amber I was a werewolf, but I knew Hayley would never forgive me if I told her. I've been thinking about Hayley a lot.

I did really like Amber, though. She was funny, and sweet, and human all around. I liked her, but for some reason the wolf in me was all about Hayley. Every time I tried to picture Amber or think about her, Hayley would somehow take her place.

I've known Hayley for ever, so it shouldn't be that weird to me. But it was weird that she came into my head when I was picturing my romantic partner. I'd never tell Hayley this, but I was actually thinking about looking for my mate. Hayley and Brooke already met theirs, even though they were total douches, but it made me want to meet mine.

I thought maybe Amber was my mate. I didn't feel any sparks when I touched her, though, but I knew one definite way for me to know was if I kissed her. That was the telltale sign of knowing who was your mate.

The wolf in me growled when I considered Amber as my mate. I figured he liked her, but it seemed to get really pissed off whenever I thought if somebody was my mate. It was fine around Hayley, though.

Hayley. Why can't I stop thinking about her? I pictured her with her long brown hair and green eyes. She was beautiful. More than beautiful, she was gorgeous. The definition of a goddess. She was also really fun and didn't care what anybody thought about her. It was one of the reasons why I liked her so much.

She was a little dangerous, but in a good way. She'd never do anything to hurt somebody she cared about. Yeah, she's a little reckless and is your basic rebel, but she isn't a bad girl or like any other girl. I think that was what drove my wolf to thinking about her. She wasn't like other girls.

My wolf did care about Brooke, but as a friend. Brooke was my best friend, but I don't think I could ever picture me and her as a couple. It would be way to weird. Besides, Josh is her mate, and he seems pretty cool so far. I wouldn't hesitate to kill him if he hurt Brooke, though. She's been through way to much already.

But Hayley and me I could picture. I'd never tell her about the idea, but us being a thing would make sense. It sometimes feels like we are, but every time she does something weird, which is quite a lot, I would have to remind myself we were just friends. And for some reason, that was slowly getting to me.

The problem was, I didn't know if I wanted to be just friends with her or not. Was Hayley my mate? I doubted it, since Tyler was her mate, but the whole thing with Brooke and Josh really got me wondering. It was possible, wasn't it?

The bell rang for second period, and I made a mental note to ask Josh about his other mate, if he had another one. I was walking to my locker when Kelly the slut came up to me.

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