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valerie sighed leaning against her car as she debated on going inside or not. "val you okay?" joe asked standing beside her looking at the building in front of them. "yeah i'm just tired not really in the party mood" valerie smiled softly at joe. "come on" joe smiled holding his hand out for her. valerie let out a small laugh taking his hand in hers. "where are we going?" valerie asked. "remember that diner we went to the night before we went our separate ways?" joe asked. "you make it sound like we broke up" valerie laughed. "i meant last time we wrapped" joe chuckled before opening the car door for her. "i know what you meant" she smirked getting in. joe chuckled softly before jogging to his side of the. "you just like to make me explain everything huh?" joe asked looking at the girl. "yeah" valerie replied. "yeah thought so" joe nodded before starting the car and driver to the diner.

"place hasn't changed much" valerie noticed looking around while she sipped her drink. "no it hasn't" joe replied looking around as well. "we sat right there last time talking about nonsense until 3 in the morning" joe smiled as he explained the memory. "and then you spilt my drink all over me just cause you were too stubborn to ask me to hand you something" valerie smirked. "oh yeah i ruined your favorite shirt" joe chuckled. "oh yeah" valerie fake laughed before glaring at the man sat across from her.

"can i ask you something?" joe asked changing the subject. "go for it" valerie chuckled. "do you have feelings for my brother?" joe questioned. "you and sophie i swear" valerie said slapping her forehead. "we need answers" joe laughed."i don't know" valerie replied. "you don't know what?" joe asked confused. "i don't know! i don't know how i feel about him. yes he's sweet and funny and all that but you know what happened last time i thought that. and i know he's your brother but he could still turn out to be a bitch" valerie ranted to joe knowing fully well he won't tell a soul.

joe looked at her before bursting into a fit of laughter. "ha! you like him" joe smirked a mouth full of food. "i don't know maybe i do but i'm not gonna do anything about it right now i like what we have" valerie chuckled throwing a biscuit at joe. joe looked down at his lap before looking back at valerie. "did you just throw a fucking biscuit at me?" joe asked. "mhm i sure did" valerie smirked. "fuck you" joe laughed throwing it back at her. "you're gonna get us kicked out" valerie scolded. "you threw it first miss rae" joe said pointing a finger at her. "yeah yeah we should get going anyway" she laughed. "yeah we're gonna get yelled at by the others for not showing" joe laughed. "oh yeah i forgot about them" valerie said before her eyes went wide.

"what?" joe asked looking at her. "i have a sleepover with finn in an hour" valerie informed. "i'm sorry a what?" joe asked looking amused. "shut up" she laughed standing up. "are you guys two?" joe asked. "he just trying to cheer me up about everyone going away" valerie defended with a smile. "oh so he's copying me now huh?" joe asked. "i'm sensing a brotherly competition" valerie informed with a chuckle. "maybe" joe replied before they walked out of the diner. after thirty minutes they arrived at valerie's apartment. "i'll see you again before you go yeah?" valerie asked. "of course" joe smiled hugging her before they said their goodbyes.

valerie then changed into pajamas and packed her bag before heading over to finn's place. once she got there she walked right in. "fucking hypocrite" she mumbled as she kicked the door behind her. she set her bag down on the couch before walking to his bedroom to find him asleep. valerie smirked as she crept up to him before shaking him violently. "OH MY GOD WAKE UP" valerie yelled. finn jumped up hitting his forehead with hers. "twice in one day huh" valerie said holding her head. "this one was partly your fault" finn groaned as he held his head as well. valerie winced as she looked at her hand to see blood. finn looked at her hand confused before looking at her forehead with wide eyes.

"you're bleeding" finn stated. valerie stood up straight as she looked at him. "thank you i didn't know that" she replied sarcastically. finn let out a small laugh before he made her sit down. "i'm sitting on a leg" she said "yes that would be mine" finn replied. valerie and him looked at each and let out a small laugh. "you're stupid" valerie said. "you are" finn smiled before he got up and getting the first aid kit. "it's just a small cut" finn said as he cleaned it before putting a hello kitty band-aid on it. "really?" she asked with a laugh. "oh yeah baby i only give the best of the best" he smirked. valerie looked at him shaking her head. finn then kissed his two of his fingers before putting his fingers over her cut. "i hate you" valerie smiled. "too bad cause i love you" finn replied.

"you've ruined my head twice so far today but alright" valerie stated looking up at him. "will ice make you stop complaining?" finn asked with a laugh. "maybe" she replied. finn playfully rolled his eyes as he held his hand out for her to take. valerie took his hand standing up as he started walking to the kitchen with her . finn then grabbed two ice packs placing one on her forehead and one on the back of her head. "well this is fun" valerie said as they just stood there. finn laughed dropping his head before taking the one off the back of her head. "here hold this" finn said putting her hand over the one on her forehead. "now what?" valerie asked. "i don't know" finn smiled leading her to his couch. this time it was valerie's turn to roll her eyes. as finn sat down valerie put her legs on his lap. finn chuckled lightly before he put his hand on her leg. "is this when we talk about boys?" valerie asked. "no that's after we do hair" finn replied. "you right you right" valerie nodded. finn looked at her before laughing. "you're a dork" finn smiled. "that's me" valerie replied smiling at him

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