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It's something else seeing how fast ones are to try taking someone down I'll admit maybe Chris couldn't addressed it different and just saying what he actually meant but when you've got people random strangers at that coming at you loud and wrong you wanna shut them up you don't poke and poke at someone and expect them to just smile and wave at you the lyric in no way to me at lease belittled dehumanized black woman who doesn't like good hair why doesn't anyone ask Beyoncé why Becky had good hair what made her hair so good that that's how she labels her "Becky with the good hair" I don't recalled any black women who Beyoncé stands for all together ask what she meant by that but they all are quick to use that exact lyric whenever they can tho

all was said is he's like them with good hair he didn't say what makes the hair good her didn't say what kind of black woman has good hair just good hair and everyone has their own definition to that damaged hair, dry or oily hair, poorly taken care of, none styled hair all can be considered "bad hair" but it's these woman who feel like they themselves have bad hair they want to cry wolf and attack him for something they don't even know if it true or not "oh Chris hates black woman" "Chris hates dark skin women" WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM SKIN COLOR WAS NOT MENTIONED BUT BECAUSE EVERYONE WANT TO PLAY FAKE WOKE THEY HOPPING UP TO TRY "DEFENDING" THEIR WOMEN the problem is some dark skin women may have some self love confidence issues like I at one time did we are not praised and loved like the lighter complexion ones but that does not give an excuse to push your self hate down someone else putting words and thoughts out that are not true and it's also the fault of others who look down on darker complexion black women who automatically assumes he was refusing to darker skinned black women in that lyric because it wasn't a issue in loyal when he says we got big butts and are bad bitches oh but thats because it wasn't about hair right when that song come on everybody and they momma singing it

People need to stop using his dating history to try saying he doesn't like dark skin women you don't need to be romantically involved with someone to justify liking a entire race or ethnicity there are plenty of interracial couples I'm sure where one doesn't take to kindly to others of the race their partner is simply because they are involved with them I love me some Chris and at one time only looked at light skin men for dating purposes and yet I fell in love with a beautiful chocolate man and will be marrying him my mom herself says she's more attracted to lighter men but married my father a dark skinned man until the day Christopher brown says out his own mouth that he does not like dark women STOP PUTTING WORDS IN HIS MOUTH

Oh and NOW we got love and hip hop actors coming into the mix it must be about time for a new season to start guess they need some kind of story of their own to get their music no one ever hears on radios but is played in clubs people are paid to be in all for tv and have their clothes on paid models no one will wear so they can go making fools of themselves on national tv all for a check to they can buy their colored weaves with bad insulations and drinks that they never drink just throw on other people

If you didn't like the lyric don't listen to the song none of this is even really about the song anymore it's more on how people really look at dark skinned women and it's up to us to not allow what other think of us tear us down every shade of black in beyond beautiful and if you find that hard to believe about yourself all I can say is try going on a personal journey to find your inner and outer beauty no one else opinion will even matter because you will know you are beautiful

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