como la flor (legend's hymn to her people)

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Como La Flor

(The legend’s hymn to her people)

 By Paul Lancelot Marquez

 It’s been already a decade since the world’s famous Latin star, Selena had been shot to death and turned its way from us. She had left thousands and millions of people who adores her and loves her as not an idol but as a friend and as like themselves.

 She may not expect that she would be as famous as Gloria Estefan (another Latin star) and would see her name in lights and sang her songs throughout the streets, its just sad to say that she didn’t have the time to be with us and sing with us today but whatever happens the show must go on and that her music still lives on and spread through and through…

 A smash hit song that she and her band had made several years ago that has been marked the hearts of a million people, Como La Flor or “Like a flower”.

The song has been a part of most of her albums and concerts and most other times it is by request.

 The song Como La Flor was compared with selena that its white color symbolizes its innocence and purity. She had been a grateful friend to anyone she meets on her way and won’t close its doors to any of her fans. She just went in and sings to make people happy and hers too.

 By the millennium year of 2005, a concert tribute was given to Selena in honor of her great deed and life, the song Como La Flor had been a part of the concert and had made an unforgettable end to that night, almost all of the people in the stadium bring out white roses and wave it as the intro of the song was played on air. An electrifying feeling was sent throughout the whole place and it made them feel like selena was alive.

 The song wasn’t new at all to each one of them but its, it is like that it is their national anthem that they have to salute and sing along with it everytime they would hear it. It is true evidence that she was still loved with her loyal fans and family even though she’s not around at all, only a true star would shine like that forever…

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