6) He ignores you completely

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Some guys use the “act like you don’t give a damn” strategy.

They know all the other guys around you are hitting on you, and you’re just turning them away, so “why be another chimp?” is their way of thinking.

He’ll talk to you later, when you’re alone. He probably likes you, but doesn’t have the courage to come up to you, when you’re surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards (read: girlfriends) or guys hitting on you.

He needs you to give him a sign (just look!) that you’re open to talking to him. Hint it! He can’t read your mind.

Anyway, often, when a guy is kind of ignoring you, it’s because he’s either not interested, or he’s really interested, but he knows that when he acts cool and cold, you’ll be wondering how come he’s the only guy around, that didn’t notice you. It’s a trick as old as fire. Look at it this way, if this guy is giving his best to ignore you – he likes you.

Think about it like this, when a guy isn’t interested in you, he can still be normal towards you and have regular small talk (depending on the situation), but he (usually) won’t have a reason to IGNORE you. A guy that likes you will either by shy and nice, or he’ll ignore you and show confusing signals. Guys show mixed signals when they’re trying to hide that they like you. Because they’re not that good at hiding it, they’ll often do something that clearly indicates they like you, but then they’ll “sober up” and start ignoring you or be mean to you for no reason. The point is – look for any abnormality. Anything out of the ordinary is usually a good sign.

Even being cold towards you is an emotional sign. When the guy is totally neutral – not cold, but not nice either – that’s usually when a guy has no particular interest in you.

Just look for anything out of the ordinary.

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