Crack #3 + A Quick Talk

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Sorry for not updating like I promised??? Things happened and I got busy, but here's a crack post! The next chapter should follow it soon.


Don: *runs into room* I'm so sorry I'm late!

Richard: What happened?

Don: Nothing-

Benny: *slams door open* He pushed me down the f--king stairs!


Therapist: Tell me, have you recently been possessed by a demon?

Jon: What the hell is wrong with you?

Therapist: Well, I'm going to take that as a big fat yes.


Nick: Let's be honest, it could've been a lot worse, I could've died.

Benny: Actually that would've made things a lot better.


Don: Get me coffee. You're welcome.

Richard: Er, uh, thanks?


Richard: *explains what happened*

Ddawn: You became his LBB. 

Richard: His what?

Dashlie: *looks up from phone* Little B*tch Boy.


Duni: *laying in the middle of the street*

Shelby: Uh, is he ok?

Uni: I told him his shirt was ok, he's just being overdramatic.

Duni: My shirt is beautiful!


Duni: I love you! Stop being mad at me!

Uni: No.


That's all I have.

Now, for this story I don't actually have a storyline established. I have many things planned but they might just be short stories that have a song in them. Some of them are connected and others are there to be there, they won't necessarily be in chronological order.

The reason I'm doing this is because with the songs I want to use I can't really use them in a complete storyline that makes sense. The storyline I started making is a huge mess and this gives me an opportunity to cut some things out of it.

But, I'm still alive and this story will eventually be continued. I also have a new story in the works which will be exciting.

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