Chapter 7

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I woke up and looked at the clock

it read 7:30am, i looked at my phone

10 messages from matt, 3 messages from an unknown number and 1 phone call from mrs.espinosa, i read the text messages that matt sent me


Can you open your door





Your windows open

you look really cute sleeping


V cute

the 3 from an unknown number

mackenzie do you want to go to the movies

its cameron


I decided to call matt




"Hello?" matt said i could tell he was awake

"First my door is open and why where you watching me sleep?"

"Thanks and because i wanted to ask you a question"

"What is it?"

"I'll tell you when i get to ur house"

"okay bye"

When i was done talking to matt there was a knock on the door, so i ran downstairs and opened it

it was matt

"Hey matt you wanted to tell me something" i said

"Yea mackenzie im moving.." matt said

"W-What? You can-t be moving" i said

"Im moving to LA to pursue my dreams" matt said

"B-But you cant leave me here in virginia, what about us?" i said

"Mack listen i would bring you to LA but i cant because i have a girlfriend" matt said

"Matthew Lee Espinosa i cant believe you, you said you loved me and i thought you really where going to ask me out! i told you everything but i guess now thats all thrown away Thanks for making me feel like the happiest girl in the world" i said

"Mack thats not what i meant i-

"MATT i know exactly what you meant your leaving me like everyone else does" i said

"What do you mean?" matt said

"My parents t-they died in a car crash last night"

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