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Daryl just came back from a supply run which lasted for three weeks. And you were the only thing that is in his mind. He bumped into Aaron who is on the guard in Hilltop, he asked him immediately.

"Hey, where is Y/N?"

Aaron bit his lip, "She got shot the other day. She's in the infirmary now."

Daryl growled and didn't wait a second to went straight to the infirmary.

He found you laying in the bed with a loose shirt. Your eye lids were half-closed, your messy hair had spread to the pillow. You opened your eyes when you see the tall figure entering the little room.

Daryl approached to your bed and held your hand, "Y/N...are you okay?"

You managed to smile weakly, "I'm trying to."

He put a little kiss on your forehead and gently brushed your hair with his hand.
"I thought I lost you for a second."

He was looking so fragile that I couldn't believe how can this strong and tough man could be looking like this. I held his face and forced him to look at me. His eyes were watery with tears.

"You're never gonna lose me."


A/N: here's my first gif story,, it may not be good at all but i hope you still like it!💗

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