Chapter 13

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I was in black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with a black and white long sleeve hoodie. Today am leaving, couldn't sleep couldn't eat. My bag was yet to be prepared, I don't wanna go, but can't do anything, am desperately wishing mum was alive. I let out a heavy sigh, running my hands through my ginger hair.

"Not yet pack?" A soft feminine voice came from the door way behind me, I slowly sat on the bed recognising the voice of Natasha, you might think is weird, but Natasha is the lady with white hair, I recognized calling her a bitch and a whore, she is nothing of that, she is kind but a little aggressive I learn it in the hard way. She is close to me but can't replace my mama, she's a sort of friend. Even if she and Richard are em..uh...together.

"not feeling like," I said resting my face in my palms muffling my voice.

She slowly sat beside me, "but you have to," she said softly.

"I know but I don't want to tasha, why is he sending me away?" I said while fixing her.

"Is just for sometime, you'll still come back," she said

"I don't think, he is just getting ride of me, what of my aunt I won't get to see her again, Montana is far!" I sigh staring blankly at my nightstand, "can't even say goodbye to her," I said softly.

"Am sorry. what if you write a letter to her?" She suggested

"I guess," I shrugged still staring at the nightstand.

"Come on, don't be this sad," she placed her smooth palm on my cheek making me look at her. "Everything will be fine, okey?" I nodded as my amber eyes lock with her blue ones. "Good, I need to go, see you in the dinning room." She smiled while leaving. I sigh, picking a picture of mum on my nightstand, she's so pretty with her ginger hair and hazel eyes I love her so much.

I finished packing my needed stuff and writing the letter that I dug in my hoodie pocket, taking a look at myself on my mirror one last time. I exits my room, someone will come find my luggage, so I walk to the dark room, where my wolf I named Wolfy was laying.

"Hey boy is me Nathan," I said in a whisper, having it to stand and lend on my touch. I smiled.
"You will miss me, am going to jail," I said while petting his belly. He let out a whiney sound, "Don't be sad Wolfy, I'll come back soon and we can run and play in the grasses like never! I promise," I heard faints sounds of footsteps, I better start going. "Wolfy I'll come back, but I need to go now," I petted him one last time and exited the room.

I rub my left elbow not from pain but sadness as I walk in the always silent hall.

"Minster!" I snapped my head to the direction of the person that called me knowing well that it was Weston. "I was looking for you, is time."

I gasped "that fast?"

"No, I mean to eat before you leave," he said in his butler accent. I let out a little sigh of relief.

"Am not hungry, why eating when I'll leave anyway?" I said while furrowing my brows a bit.

"You'll miss me," he didn't sound like a Butler this time but a true friend.

"You too," I said, I hate saying goodbye. We walk to the dinning room, everyone was present. Natasha, uncle Martin, Andersot that's how I'll always call him, Richard and of curse the center of universe Ethan! Everyone was staring at me, I slowly walked in such a way that my footsteps didn't make sounds. I pull a seat far from Ethan, like six empty seat between us. They all ate silently.

"Is time Nathan," said Anderson while looking at the big clock that said 10:30am. I sigh softly, pulling my seat and standing.

"uncle please come I've something to tell you." I mind link uncle Martin who nodded and stood along with Natasha. We walked silently to the entrance of the immense house.

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