Chapter 12

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I was feeling a little guilty for hurting Ethan's foot, I went too far, I know I said I was done with emotions yeah, but see if you hurt your brother you feel a little guilty. Even if he burst my lip, bit my neck, scratch my face and my arm hit it on the stairs while falling.

"Sir lemme treat your scratchs," one of the servants said, I was still bleeding.

"Just wait, I need to tell something to someone," I said maybe with little chances Ethan will change, am sure he is regretting. I walked to Ethan's room, seen the door cracked. I opened it just to hear all the horrors he was saying about me. He doesn't regret anything. Damn am so stupid for thinking he is regretting. His friends didn't stop calling him, he was busy criticizing me. When he finally noticed me he died down.

"Sir please let's go," The servant that followed me said. I didn't wait to hear what he would say neither to reap his tongue. I ran away slamming the door.

"STUPID! STUPID ME! Oh no I feel guilty, I need to say sorry," I mock my self as I match in the hall to my room. Fuck! am such a softy, he didn't even feel a pang, he is not satisfied after throwing me down the stairs.

"Sir, you are loosing blood I need to-"

The servant started once we were in my room but I cut her off, "I am a damn wolf! It will heal just leave me alone!" I yelled having her flinch. Uncle Martin walked in.

"Why passing your anger on her?" He asked, before signalling for her to go out.

"I wasn't she won't stop bugging me," I said softly staring blankly at the window with my brows furrowed.

"What happened down there?"

"Ethan punch me, I punched him, he shifted to his wolf, I shifted too, he sprang on me, I scratch him, he bit me, I bit him, we fought till he push me down the stairs," I simply stated


"Dunno," I shrugged, "His friends mistook me for him, I told them I wasn't him and they were amazed, I was roughly pulled and hit, I couldn't let him fucking hit, so I clench my fist and-

"Did you enjoy that?" I was cut off by Martin question. I hesitate but finally say the words that will change me forever.

"Yes, I did enjoy seeing him c-cry," stupid me I stuttered now he mighty think am lying.

"You could have hurt him seriously or he could've hurt you," He said sternly.

"He started it!" I half yelled.

"When you shift to your wolf, you don't control yourself, your wolf does and fighting is a pleasure to it." He was fixing me, our eyes lock and I sigh, not in surrender but in anger.

"He wanted it!" I walk to the window turning my back on him. 

The door was slammed opened, Anderson walked in. "Martin, some rouge are in out territory, we need to get them out!" He said I was just staring at them, watching as uncle Martin furrowed his brows. He sigh before walking out while unbuttoning his collar shirt.

"We'll talk about your little fight this evening," Anderson glared at me and I gulped before he walked away too.

Guess am in a big trouble, Ethan will get away easily that am sure. I sank on my bed, closing my eyes to clear my mind. I have this feeling that this won't end well.

                    Time skip

I felt a knot in my stomach as I walk in the hall. My palms were sweaty, I could hear the sound of my heart pounding in my chest, my knees trembling and my breathing was faster than usual. Am so doomed. I stopped in front of the scary door, refusing to knock or twist the knob. Too scared for what might be waiting for me in there. Come on nat you can do it, no nat don't, just run away far from this house where no one will see you. I drew a long breath, rubbed my face and deciding to go in. After all he will yell that's all or lock me up, he won't kill me, right?

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