What the hell...?

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-After the stream ended, Darryl [BadBoyHalo] apologized for the drama and everything that happened there, his response was "Yeah, you're definitely hitting on me."
"Okay Skeppy that's just--... Stupid." Darryl sighed.
"Oh, no, you are." Zak said.
"Ugh.. you're so difficult." Darryl coughed two times, "so, when are you moving in?"
"In about 14 days." Zak said.
"I'm being serious about this, unlike you, Zak."
Zak wasn't used to being called by his normal name, so he just said "okay, okay, in a week."
"Oh, I should start getting the room ready then" Darryl said, surprised that it was just a week.


The week went by, and when it was the seventh day of the week, Darryl got a call, to his surprise it was Zak.

He picked up the call. "Hey Zak, so when are you gonna be here?" Darryl asked.
"In about 14 minutes." Zak said.
"Seriously? 14 again?" Darryl asked, since he was annoyed by this.
Zak told him "I'm serious this time."
"Okay okay." "I'll just quickly look if anything's missing and I'll wait."
"Okay bYe bAldBoyHaLo" Zak said immediately before hanging up.
Darryl didn't mind it too much, then he went to the room Zak would be staying in and looked if there was anything that should be moved, removed or added, of course, nothing.
Darryl waited a couple of minutes before hearing the doorbell.
Darryl walked to the door and opened them.
"Mind helping me a bit?" Zak asked.
"Pfft.. yeah, sure." Darryl said and took one of the suitcases Zak had.
"What's so funny, hUh?" Zak was very curious to know.
"You're actually pretty short."
Zak got angry at this, and tried to kick Darryl's leg, failing.
"Just follow me, I'll show you your room." Darryl told Zak.
"Okay then.. baldy" he whispered the last part to himself, so Darryl wouldn't hear him.

Darryl walked to the room Zak would be staying in.
"That should do it." Zak said. He put his stuff down and walked back outside for the rest of his stuff. Darryl put down Zak's stuff too, and went outside to help.

After getting everything inside, Darryl decided to ask Zak "Hey, are you hungry?"
"Bet your baldness I am!" Zak replied with
Darryl just said "oookayy.. is an omelette okay?"
"Yeah, I'm hungry so be quick bald boy."
Darryl found it annoying that Zak kept calling him bald. "Okay then, muffin."
Darryl then proceeded to walk into the kitchen and prepare the omelette.
Zak followed him since e didn't know where the kitchen was. He sat down at the table and waited until it was done.

Darryl had finished making the omelette, he put it on a plate, gave it to Take and turned the stove off.

Zak started eating since he was very VERY hungry.
Zak finished eating very fast.


*Another time skip since I'm lazy*


Its 20:14, Darryl was preparing dinner.
Zak got a little impatient and just went to the fridge and got some cheese. "You're taking too long." He said before taking a big bite out of the cheese.
"You'd take longer." Darryl rolled his eyes.

"Is it done yet?" Zak asked him, still waiting.
"Yeah yeah.." Darryl said, after that he put the eggs on plates and put it on the table.
"Finally, you took really long." Zak told him.

After they finished eating, Zak got up and walked to his room, trying to find his towel.
"Where'd I put it...???" Zak was throwing his stuff around.
After 20 minutes of searching, he found it.

Zak walked into the bathroom and started showering, at that time, Darryl was editing a video.
A few minutes later He started hearing some noises, again. "What the hell...?" He took his phone. He looked into Zak's room because he thought he was snoring again, he wasn't there.
He walked around the house, and then got to the bathroom, he slightly opened the door and peeked inside.
Zak was singing, he put his phone on audio recording and then just quietly laughed and walked back to editing, keeping the door lightly opened.

"You're on your knees, begging please stay with meeee~""But honestlyyy I just need to be a little craaaazyyyy~""All my life I've been good, but now, whoaaaaa~ I'm thinking 'what the hell?'""All I want is to mess around, and Iii~ don't really care ...

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"You're on your knees, begging please stay with meeee~"
"But honestlyyy I just need to be a little craaaazyyyy~"
"All my life I've been good, but now, whoaaaaa~ I'm thinking 'what the hell?'"
"All I want is to mess around, and Iii~ don't really care about, if you love me~ if you hate me~"
"You can't save me baby, baby~"
"All my life I've been good, but now, whoaaa~ what the hell~?"
[Credits to the song: What the hell by Avril Lavigne]
Zak continued singing, Darryl just quietly laughed to himself that this is going to get posted very soon on his Twitter.
After like 12 minutes, Zak walked out of the shower.
Darryl had just finished editing, Zak walked into his room and changed into his derpy diamond colored PJs.

Darryl walked over to Zak's room and knocked on them, "can I come in?"
"Yeah." Zak replied.
Darryl opened the door, and walked into Zak's room.
"I heard you singing in the shower." Darryl said.
"WaiTtTt. You did?!" Zak
"Yep" "it wasn't too bad though." He added.
"Thanks I guess?" Zak said, not really sure what to say.
"Anyway, I'm going to sleep, how about you?" Darryl asked.
"I think I'll stay up for a bit, I'll watch some videos." Zak said.
"Okay then." Darryl said, then he walked out, got to the bathroom and took his phone. He turned off the voice recording and then walked into his room.
Darryl saved the edit of the video, turned off his computer and walked to his bed and laid down.
Zak opened the door to Darryl's room and peeked his head in. "Good night, bald boy."
"Goodnight muffin." Darryl said back and drifted off to sleep.
Zak just went to his room, took his phone, laid down on his bed and watched some videos.
After a while of watching some videos he turned off his phone and fell asleep.


Thank you all for reading the second chapter called "What the hell...?"
I'm gonna try to write the next chapter as soon as possible, again, thanks YesPleaseEndME for help, this time less help but just gave me some ideas.

I hope you will enjoy the rest of my stories, chapters and more, and I will be back with the next chapter!


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