Arrangement Game (Petyr Baelish x Reader)

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AN: I simply adore Petyr, and had to bring him out early.  I don't have a lot to say, despite the fact that my admiration for him shows by the length of this one. I try to keep any of my oneshots under 3000 words, otherwise I could have probably made this one longer. If you enjoy it, let me know in the comments if a part two is in order for this.


You had to fight the smirk that tugged upon your gentle lips as you heard the slightest sound of footsteps behind you as you walked the halls of the Red Keep to your current stay chambers.  Though you had merely been visiting on a count of your Lord father attempting to keep a healthy alliance with the Lannisters, you knew there was only one person who would be on your tail.

There was only one person who would wish for anything from you, and he did always happen to be a bit of a snake about any arrangement he carried.  Though you knew you were being followed, you turned yourself without shown caution, not to alert your follower of your knowledge. It did happen that you enjoyed a game of wits, or, for that matter, any game with the man that was quick upon your tail.  

As you entered your chambers, you gently closed the door behind you, only to hear it not fully close.  That was to be expected, of course, and you turned upon your heels to face the blue green eyes that you had grown fond of.  It was not truly a secret that you found the mature Master of Coin to be a handsome Man, though you would never give hint to the man himself.  That, in fact, may ruin your game.

"Good evening, Lord Baelish," you greeted formally, with a gentle smile and a curtsey.  "What is it you may need from me?" Though your speech was soft and full of fluff, the man knew you were playing a game with him.  Petyr knew that you were in fact quite an intelligent woman, as he had initially learned upon your first meeting.

Even so, his mouth upturned to a soft smirk.  "I was merely checking on your well-being after your long journey, Lady Y/N," he said as the sheep, playing along with your little game.  

It was hard to stifle your laugh as you ran a finger gently through your hair, playing with one of the longer locks that draped down.  Your eyes studied his, and studied his features intently as the two of you kept one another in gaze. "How kind of you, my lord," you retorted with the type of fake kindness, almost impossible to decipher.  "Though I do enjoy our mental chess, it is indeed late. What value do my words speak of this eve?"

He feigned a bit of hurt within his demeanor, which you could see clear as day.  "Value?" He questioned, playing his mental pawn. "I could not put a value to the presence of your beauty gracing the Red Keep."

You rolled your eyes, a smirk rising upon your face.  There was no doubt that the man was in fact smooth, but his facade was so easy to see through.  "Unless you are in fact professing your undying love to me this evening, dear Lord, we both understand what you seek."

"And what if I may, Lady Y/N," he pressed.

You were just about to let out an aggravated sigh, but you stopped yourself.  Making your way closer to the man, you stopped merely inches from being pressed against his body.  Swiftly, your right hand was brought to his cheek, and you brushed your thumb gently against his jawline.  This, of course, was a new level than what he had come to expect from you, and it was visibly shown in his widening eyes.  Part of his mind had refused to admit that the gentle touch provoked a more primordial desire within himself, though in fact it had, and there was a flicker shown temporarily in his facial expression.  

"Sweet Lord Baelish, you and I both are aware that your primary desires lie in power, and the information that may take you to said power," you said in a soft, almost sultry voice.  "Though we could jest back and forth all evening, it is feasible that you have other matters to attend to than my company."

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