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Morning finally arrived after hours of Kaycee lying awake, debating how she was going to talk to Sean. Does she wake him up? Wait until morning? Speak to him after school? Her mind went on a rampage as she went through all the pros and cons of when to speak to him and how. Would he even remember last night?

When 8am hit, Kaycee got up, trying to not wake him. She pulled herself from his tight grip and he only slouched over, hardly even moving. She sighs, and got ready for class. Once she was ready, she found herself sitting at the edge of the bed, ready to wake him — but stopped herself.

He chose to drink on a school night. He was hungover, and last time he begged to stay home. So, Kaycee decided against waking him up.

Will I regret that later? She thought, but shrugged off the idea of the possible repercussions.

Kaycee sent him a quick text, in case he'd wake up and read it before her class ended. She borrowed his car keys and took his car, figuring she only had one class and would be back in an hour or so anyways. She closed the door to his room softly before letting herself out, making her way to school.

Sean took in a deep breath as he stretched, his arm reaching towards where Kaycee should've been.

"Baby," he mumbled, furrowing his brows when he didn't feel her near. He opened his eyes and saw her side empty. "Kaycee?"

Sean sat up on the bed, wincing at his pounding head. He stood up and walked slowly over to his bathroom, but still didn't see her. "Kayc."

Opening his bedroom door, he made his way out and down the stairs only to find that he was alone. He sighed, turning back to go upstairs when something caught his eye — or the lack of something.

His car wasn't in the driveway, and ignoring what felt like hammers against his skull, he ran upstairs to grab his phone. Immediately, he saw Kaycee's text.

Left for school, didn't want to wake you. I took your car. Be back soon

Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and threw his phone on his unmade bed, plopping himself down next. He grabbed his phone again and sent her a text.

Sean <3
really, kayc? you took my car and didn't even wake me up for school. it's your fault if i miss something important.

He knew he was being harsh, but he couldn't help it. She let him sleep in, and he was irritated.

Really, Sean? You decided to get shitfaced instead of having our night together. Last time this happened you didn't want to go to class, so I didn't wake you up just to fight you on it.

Sean caught himself typing out a sarcastic, sassy response — but kept deleting it. He rewrote it several times, switching from being rude to sweet and caring. After five minutes of debating what to send, he settled with a caring message back. He started to feel guilty, the more he thought back to last night.

Sean <3
drive safe baby, please. we'll talk when you get home, yeah?

He went through his pictures, finding several from last night. A part of him laughed at a few, but in others, he only cringed. At one point, he saw Kaycee in the back of a video he took with Jon, downing shots. She sat in the back alone, on her phone. He sighed, deleting the ones that only made him angry at himself.

Sean eventually got up, the guilt overriding as he went downstairs and began making breakfast. He made her favorite — french toast and scrambled eggs. He didn't care he was being a kiss ass; he messed up and the guilt wouldn't stop eating at him.

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