Chapter 1: The Yellowed Envelopes

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Chapter 1: The Yellowed Envelopes

                    One day, inside Hogwarts premises, Professor  Dumbledore and Hagrid were talking inside Hagrid's hut. "I swear to yeh, Professor. She's one of them, Harley is," Hagrid insisted. "The girl might be, Hagrid, but  would she be able to advance fast to the lessons here in Hogwarts? She will be 13, merely 2 years of magic lessons would overwhelm the poor child," Professor Dumbledore said as he sipped his tea. "Harley ain't no Muggle, Professor. She will be just like her parents and her brother," Hagrid protested. Now who was this girl Albus Dumbledore and the gigantic Hagrid talked about? The answer lies in London, in a small town called Humbleridge; at an orphanage building 3 floors high. The girl who the two men were talking about slept on the 3rd floor which contained 5 rooms and one bathroom, just like the other 2 floors. Her room was the 5th room which she shared with a girl who treated her like rubbish. So every time possible, she escaped to the rooftop of the orphanage building, which its staircase was right next to her room. No one knew that she hid there and no one cared. Harley had black hair with hints of dark brown. She also has green eyes, similar to emeralds. She never knew her last name, nor did anyone else in the orphanage home, even Ms. Mandel, an old harsh woman whose hair was completely grey. She wore heavy make-up and deep, blood-red lipstick, even though she never goes out of the orphanage home that much. Harley never knew why her old Orphanage Home Mother does that but what she heard from the older boys in the orphanage say she still hopes to have a suitor, those men who come to visit the orphanage. Harley wanted to tell Ms. Mandel that men wanted women who are themselves and show off their natural beauty but didn't bother since the crabby mistress said she knew better and more than Harley does. "Reading would be good, if you're reading romance novels, but reading these rubbish," Ms. Madel paused to tear Harley's 2nd hand Almanac, page by page. "No man would be attracted to you if your head is always buried in those books," she said when young little Harley was in the age of 6. She cried and cried but no one cared to comfort the young child.  Harley remembered that memory as a gust of wind brushed through her hair and her bangs covered her eyes. She pulled her medium length hair to a ponytail and clipped her bangs to keep it from covering her eyes. She was sitting at the rooftop of the building, sitting on a crate box while writing on her notebook, a new story in her mind, probably. She then remembered an incident wherein Ms. Madel thought of Harley's bangs as "too long" and cut it a centimeter away from her scalp using a pair of kitchen scissors. The children laughed at the 12 year old Harley, back then, she had no other option but to run to the rooftop and hide there until it would be dark and everyone would be in the dining hall and eat. Young Harley planned to skip dinner and go to bed early. The next morning, she woke up to see her bangs the same length as it was before. She was afraid that the crabby mistress might see her bangs long again and this time want to shave off her hair instead, so she clipped it back to hide it from her, but she soon later found out that no one paid attention to her. She was just given the primary needs every child needs- or what an orphan child needs- daily allowance, food, shelter and education. Sadly, education is running short because of the crabby mistress, Harley always thought as flashes of the Almanac incident flash through her brain. The day before summer was officially started, the St. Therese School for Girls decided that they would go on a field trip, before school ends. Harley was alone, as usual, and decided to sketch and roam around the sceneries instead, while waiting for the activities to start. Their first stop was at a local Butterfly Garden and as Harley roamed around, she noticed a yellow envelope, the envelope looked like it aged long enough to turn into an old-ish yellow color. She picked it up only to see words written in green ink.

Ms. Harley

The 5th room from the 3rd floor of A Gift From Heaven Orphanage

Humbleridge, London

Harley thought that it was just a joke so she tossed it to the small fish pond and watched it sank. The next stop Harley's class went to was in a Museum and as she walked to the comfort room, she was about to wash her hands but she saw another yellowed-up envelope and knew that the joke would be continued on and on for the day. She went to one cubicle and dropped the envelope and flushed it. 

                    When she arrived back in the orphanage,  Brittany, the blonde, plump-ish  girl who treats Harley like rubbish, tossed Harley 3 envelopes as she entered their room. Harley bent down to pick up one of the yellowed envelopes to see the same green inked address. She sighed and picked up all 3 envelopes only to toss them outside of the room's window. She changed into her pajamas and plopped on her lumpy mattress. She doesn't know why she hesitated reading those letters she received but she felt like something weird would happen. She tossed on her mattress and drifted to sleep. Meanwhile, dear old Professor Dumbledore observed the young girl from the light which glowed in different colors in his study. Dumbledore flicked his wand and the orb of light disappeared. "I guess I have to pay a little visit," he mumbled to himself. Little did young Harley know what would await her the next day. 

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