Chapter 41

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Last Chapter until I get back from my trip. I leave July 6th but the next 2 days are going to be filled with parking and making sure we got everything.

Maybe I'll work on a few chapters while I'm stuck in the car. They won't be posted until I get home though so prepare yourself for a spam if I decide to write.



"Come on Peach." Keith groaned. "Stay still for a minute."

Georgia giggled and crawled all over the bed.

"I just want to put your swimsuit on. Is that to much to ask?" Keith whined. "Do I have to get daddy?"

Georgia smiled and clapped her hands.

"Lance!" Keith shouted.

The sound of feet running up the stairs and down the hallway could be heard.

"Yeah babe?" Lance asked leaning up against the door.

"Would you put Georgia's swimsuit on please?" Keith asked.

"Well, I'm not sure if I'll fit but I can try." Lance said causing Keith to smack him upside the head.

"That's not what I meant!" Keith exclaimed. "I mean get the swimsuit on her."

Lance made an 'O' shape with his mouth. "Yeah I can do it."

"Thank you." Keith sighed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to go and check up on Kora."

Keith walked out of the room making his way down to Kora's room.

He knocked on the door and softly called out. "Kora?"

"Yes Keefy?" Kora asked opening up the door.

"You ready to go?" Keith questioned.

"Almost." Kora mumbled moving over to her bed where she had two dresses.

"What do you mean almost?"

"I don't know what one to wear!" Kora cried. "I love them both!"

"Why don't you wear the red one today and then the blue one tomorrow?" Keith said.

"Okay!" Kora said. "Thank you Keef!"

"You're welcome." Keith said and left the room.

That's when Nicki Minaj's Starships started blasting through out the house.

LET'S GO GET A WAVE!!" Pidge screamed the lyrics.

Keith stood outside of Kora's room and laughed. Little hands grabbed onto his leg.

Looking down, Georgia managed to pull herself off of the ground and smiled up at Keith.

"Hey Peach." Keith said picking her up and ticking her stomach.

Georgia let out a laugh as Kora opened up her door.

"I'm ready!" Kora shouted over the music.

Keith took Kora's hand and they walked downstairs when Lance appeared and followed behind.

Pidge shut the speaker off. "Finally you guys are here!"

"Sorry we took so long." Lance apologized. "Let's head out."

The group walked outside and headed down to the beach.

"Beech! Beech! Beech!" Kora chanted as she started running with Lance following close behind to keep an eye on her.

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