1 | After Johnny and Dally's Deaths

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Date: 07.10.19
Info: how life continued after the death of Johnny and Dallas.
Note: based on your man.

Ponyboy: Johnny was Pony's best friend. Dally was (other than you) who Pony confided in. You knew how upset he was because you were upset too. You were both so young to have dealt with such tragedy. After their deaths you and Pony would sit in the lot for hours at night reminiscing about precious memories you each had with Johnny and Dally. Every now and then you'll catch Pony just talking to Johnny like he's still there.

Sodapop: While Soda wasn't as close with dally or Johnny as his younger brother Ponyboy, you could still tell their deaths had taken a toll on him. Soda became clingy after their deaths, like he was worried about losing you too. Instead of disagreeing with Darry on rules about Pony, Soda began to agree with Darry on things like Pony not staying out late or walking alone.

Darrel: You knew your boyfriend Darry was upset. Though he never would say it, everyone knew Darry saw Johnny and Dally like younger brothers. Instead of showing his feelings he spent his time worrying about Ponyboy. For the few weeks after the deaths you would sit with Pony while Darry worked. Pony wouldn't confide in you but he loved sitting in your company rather than being alone. Late at night you and Darry would lay in bed staring at the ceiling. Darry would express his concerns about Ponyboy and ask you how he was doing.

Dallas: (Hold on Tight)
The man you loved died. You knew you would never find a love like the two of you had ever again. The boys would come by to see you daily as you sat in Dally's room at Bucks and sulked. Two-bit would constantly ask to take you to parties to try to cheer you up, but you politely declined. Steve would bring you smokes, but you never could build up the courage to light that match. You spent months depressed.

As the depression started to fade you grew closer with the gang. You would smoke and have long talks with Pony, drink with Tim Shepard. Though you had all the friends you could need, you were always missing your lover. Three years after Dally's death you married Buck. You ran the bar with Buck and eventually had some of his kids. Though you loved Buck you knew Dally was your soulmate, and that one day you two would meet again.

Two-bit: Two-bit may seem tough but he won't hesitate to show emotions. You went through boxes of tissues and bottles of liquor after Johnny and Dally died. Two-bit and you would go to parties much more often to try and take your minds off of the tragic night. It seemed that Two-bit never had a sober moment for the weeks following the deaths, but you took care of him and eventually he began acting like his funny, crazy, annoying self again.

Johnny: Johnny's funeral was attended by the whole town.. accept for two people. His mother and father. Filled with rage, after the service you ran to his house, you were going to show his parents a piece of your mind. Finally.

To your surprise, when you arrived a completely sober and obviously very upset Mrs. Cade was sitting on the front porch step. She explained that Mr.Cade had just ran off and left her the night before and that she felt like Johnny wouldn't have wanted her to attend his funeral since she was such a bad mother. You sat silently with her thinking of what all Johnny must have went through in this house and how much you loved him. After minutes of silence Mrs. Cade gets up and walks into the house with no announcement. "What a bitch" you think as you stand up to leave. You hear the sound of a squeaky door opening and you turn around to see Mrs.Cade standing there a cardboard box in her hand labeled "Johnny". She tells you she wants you to have the box, inside are all of his personal items from his room.

You keep the box and it's belongings close to you for the rest of your life.

Steve: Steve basically lived at the DX after Johnny and Dally died. He picked up shifts from 5am-9pm almost every day. He figured working on cars would take his mind away from being upset.

You on the other hand were nothing like your boyfriend Steve.

Steve would be working on a car and you would pull up to the DX crying. He would take you in his arms and sit in the back room with you telling you it would be alright until you calmed down. Although you wished Steve was constantly with you while you grieved, you knew he was a phone call away, a block away, and always ready to listen.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading, this is my first book. I hope you enjoyed. There will be more to come.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism or comment your favorite preference.

Also I teared up writing the one about Johnny, and I'm not even a Johnny girl :(

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