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Hi, Izzy here! I haven't written anything yet, so here I am...

Having trouble sleeping? Here are some tips!

• Try staying away from electronics. Sometimes these can help for various reasons, but they don't help for sleeping! No, not at all! If you use electronics right before trying to go to sleep, it delays your internal clock, making it way more difficult to fall asleep, meaning you probably lie there for an hour, completely bored, before picking up your phone again and making everything worse once more! 🤣
I'm not completely certain on this, but I'm pretty sure every time you receive a message or something, waves of energy go into your head... but I'm not technical so we won't go there XD
Try to put your phone/ device downstairs or in a different room... or atleast turned silent and completely off on the opposite side of the room. Preferably hidden.
And when you wake up in the middle of the night and notice your phone sitting on the table across from your bed and you have that urge to just check if you have any messages... don't pick it up!!!

• Breathing method! Listen to your own breathing, it helps calm and relax your body. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for seven, and breathe out for eight. Do this a few times until you feel calmer. A game I also sometimes do is imagine every part of your body relaxing, starting at your toes and up to your hips, then your neck and every single finger on the end of your hand and your head. Imagine it all relaxing, bit by bit. Sometimes it also helps to count inside your head... like counting imaginary sheep!

• Silence. Silence. Am I the only one who gets incredibly annoyed by noises when I'm trying to sleep?
You lie down, lights are off, devices hidden and away. Everything is peaceful and quiet. You close your eyes, comfortable, count to 100 to calm yourself and you're just about to fall asleep...
Someone bangs saucepans together. Or starts a party next door. Or scuffs their feet incredibly loudly.
Nope? Just me who gets annoyed by this? Well, either way, try these methods just in case...
Earmuffs. Why not?
Pillow on your head. I do, all the time. But it does get very hot under there...
Hum a tune! Distract yourself from that annoying noise!
Make an even louder noise to compete.
Yell at the top of your voice: SHUT UP, IM TRYING TO SLEEP
Okay... maybe not............
Moving on...

• Exercise before bed! As well as exercise releasing something that makes you happy (true, but I don't know what, does anyone know?), it could make you tired and sleepy. Thinking about it, this is probably why my parents always made me run around before bed when I was little. I've finally seen through their cunning plans. Exercise is also just generally good for a happy and healthy lifestyle. If you find exercise ugh, so boring then c'mon, challenge yourself. Make a schedule. Ten minutes a day before bed... go do some yoga. Or get up, run around the house like you're crazy. Or walk the dogs (if you're lucky enough to have one... *sniff*). Or just go on a walk! Once you get in the habit of exercise, till become easier. And easier to sleep.

• Here's some extra tips.
Go to the toilet before bed!
Make sure the room temp is apt for the night!
Sing a song inside your head!
Try go to bed a little earlier... hmm, tricky one

And that's all, folks!
Sorry, I was just so desperate to say that...

Anyone have any other sleeping tips? Feel free to share in comments, friends.

Lots of love and heart emojis...


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