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Third Person's POV


Amelia Lightwood swore her heart melted when her daughter let's out another giggle for the umpteenth time.

Trinity Avila Lightwood was born almost seven months ago. It had been midnight when she had been welcomed into the world last April 15, 2020.

Alec then entered the office. He paused to remove his suit jacket before grinning as he kissed his wife on the forehead and moved to lift their daughter up in the air.

The movement caused Trinity to squeal excitedly, and Amelia felt another wave of emotion pass through her.

She couldn't ask for a better husband. Alec was a great dad, a good husband, and an outstanding shadowhunter.

A knock on the door snapped Amelia out of her thoughts.

"Come in." Alec said, as he settled onto the spot beside her with Trinity seated on his left leg.

"Mr. Inquisitor," Luke Garroway or as his real name suggested: Lucian Graymark, greeted as he sat on the couch opposite from them. "Hello, Amelia. By the Angel! Trinity's grown."

Amelia smiled. "Hello, Luke."

"How was Brazil?" Alec asked.

"Humid," the other shadowhunter replied.

"My mother hates humidity." Alec told him.

"Oh, but she loves the beaches." Luke countered. "Have you ever seen your mom on a paddleboard? She is a vision." He added.

Amelia laughed as she nodded gratefully at him. "Luke, thank you."

"What my wife said," Alec spoke.

"Yeah. You know, I never thought I'd see the day." Luke began. "Deputized Downworlders working hand in hand with Shadowhunters? It's amazing."

"The Clave has come a long way." Her husband said.

"Thanks to you." Luke said.

Alec gave the both of them grateful looks. "I had a little help."


Once Luke left, Alec Lightwood noticed his princess's eyes starting to droop. So, he stood up, swayed her gently and sang the same song his own mother had sang to him when he had been afraid of the dark.

Trinity was out like light in minutes. Carefully, he sets her down in her crib before settling back beside his wife.

He threw an arm around her as she nestled into his side.

These were his favorite moments. Simply relaxing with his wife and daughter. Alec wouldn't trade it for the world.

"Lydia's demanding I bring Trinity to Milan again," Amelia told him.

They both smiled at the thought. No doubt Trinity would grow up spoiled, but they would never, ever, teach her to be bratty.

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