Chapter Fourteen

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A few days later, I welcomed Zak home as he stepped through the door as he kissed me long and hard. Gracie got excited and kept wagging her tail. When he got settled, he came towards me.

"Nick called me and told me about your symptoms," he began.
"About that, I have something I have to tell you. Actually, show you."

He followed me into the bedroom and there laid five different tests. He stared at it long and hard.

"Does this mean?"
"Yes, baby. It does mean," I smiled.
"Oh, wow," he smiled.
"Parenthood, here we come!!" I shouted as he wrapped his arms around me.

He wouldn't stop hugging me. It made me happy that he was excited as much as I was.

Later, he was so cautious. He wouldn't let me do anything unless I was careful or if I was doing it gently. Half of the time, he wanted to do it for me. When he was gone, he made his mom stay with me.

His mom and I were at Walmart looking at baby items. It got me worried. Nancy noticed.

"Honey, are you okay?"
"Do you think I'd be a good mom?"
"Oh, why are you worrying? Look at how you treat Gracie. You care for her and love on her when Zak can't. You take her to the vet when Zak doesn't ask. That says a lot."

I suppose it does.

I decided to look at baby cribs when I heard someone whisper next to me. I had happened to look over to find a couple girls smiling.

"We're sorry, but we're fans of Zak and we saw you!! Can we take a photo with you, please!?" One of them said.

I looked over at Nancy for help who had happened to come over with a smile.

"How about one better and add Zak's mom in it?" Nancy suggested.

As the girls squealed, we took the photo and smiled. We were happy to meet them. As they thanked us, they left jumping up and down. It made me happy. As I looked at Nancy, she smiled.

"Happens all the time. You'll get used to it."
"Good to know," I smiled. "I'm still undecided about the cribs."
"Well, which one appeals more to you?"
"The ones that are cheaper," I joked.

She laughed.

"Honestly, I want to get this one," I said pointing to one.

It was a darker color, but it also had the changing table attached to it. It was one that we needed. Nancy then grabbed my arm and pulled me into the restrooms.

"Paparazzi," she told me. "They're looking for you."
"Because you're with Zak and pregnant with his child," she alarmed. "They are going to want to find you and get every dirt about you. They don't care except the paycheck they get. You're going to want to stay home now."

Shit. As Nancy pulled me out, we began running to the front door. There was even a moment that I didn't want to run anymore, but I had to. When the paparazzi found us, I heard a familiar voice.

"Mandy, keep running!!"
"Yes, hello. Keep running!!"

After I while, I couldn't keep running so Nick picked me up and started carrying me to Nancy's car. As he threw himself in the driver seat, Nancy buckled herself in and held on for dear life as Nick raced out of the parking lot.

"Is this what my life is going to be now?" I cried.
"Sorry, Honey," Nick began. "This is what happens when you're in the public eye."
"I'm calling Zak," Nancy said.

As Zak answered her, she explained what had happened. I could hear Zak cursing from her phone. It got me upset. Maybe I shouldn't live with him. Maybe I shouldn't be with him. If it's going to be this way, then why am I here?

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