Chapter Thirteen

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The next few days were perfect. We had actually gotten closer than anything else. We spent time with his mom and then his sister and his niece and nephew who got upset that Zak beat him at Fortnite. When asked if I could play, I told them that I'd rather play zombies on black ops than to play a game I've never played before.

This morning, I had waken up to Zak fussing at Gracie because she was in the way. Sitting up, I saw why. Zak made me breakfast and was bringing it to me while I was in bed. He was supposed to leave today to Idaho. Kissing my forehead, he grabbed his suitcase and walked out the door.

I looked down to see that he made me eggs, pancakes and bacon. He even added a banana and some strawberries with some coffee to the side. I taught him how I made coffee and when I took a sip, he nailed it without my help.

Lately, Zak had been taking care of his situations himself than letting me do them. I wondered why. When I was done, I washed the dishes and decided to dial Nick up and see if he wanted to go antique shopping with me. He said sure.

Later, we went to a few stores and stopped at this one store that had a clown doll in the window.

"Zak would have fun with that," he laughed.
"Nick, that's not funny."
"Sorry," he responded.

Four weeks later, Nick and I were hanging out at Zak's house when I started getting sick. Zak hasn't been home for a while mainly because he's had constant investigations one after the other.

"Are you okay? You've threw up three times already," Nick said worried.
"I don't know. Must be something I ate."

I then forgot about my period. It's supposed to be today. I rushed to the bathroom to find a tampon or a pad and looked in my underwear and saw that there was no mess. Odd. To make sure, I quickly wiped and it was clean. There was no blood.

"Nick! We need to go to the store ASAP!!"
"What's wrong??"
"I haven't gotten my period, I'm puking, my boobs hurt and I've been yawning so much!! Any idea?!"

Nick drove to the store with me and I quickly grabbed a bunch of different pregnancies tests and saw a pregnant woman was standing beside of me.

"First time?" she smiled.
"He's my best friend. He's not the father, but yeah, my first one I think," I replied.
"Well, congratulations," she responded.
"Thanks," I replied quietly.

I wasn't sure what to exactly say back except what I had said.

Nick POV

Hours later, Mandy finally rested out the last of the pregnancy tests she bought. I decided to call Zak on FaceTime. When he answered, he asked me why I was at his house.

"I was hanging out with Mandy. Zak, has she told you about the symptoms she's been having?"
"Like throwing up and feeling sleepy? It might be a cold or something."
"No, like missing her period, her boobs getting sore and puking a lot as well as peeing three times an hour. Sound familiar?"

Zak had a blank expression on his face.

"Dude, it sounds like she's pregnant. She bought a ton of tests. She's taking the last one now."
"Dude, we have to interview," Aaron said in the background.
"I'll be home in a couple days. I'll talk to her. Thanks, Nick."

As Zak ended the call, Mandy got upset.

"You told him?"
"Hon, I had to. I said it was symptoms but I didn't say you were."
"Oh," she calmed down. "Okay."
"Anyways, what's the news?"

She pulled out five different tests that all read the same thing. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Now I just have to tell Zak."

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