Chapter 4: A Plan

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Sophie lay in bed, resorting to her staring technique. She figured that it helped her to cope.

She was wrong.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't seem to fall asleep.

Being only two days after Linh left, Sophie still saw the memories fresh in her mind. Why, oh why did she have to have photographic memory?

She was glad that her echo had been chased away with Flori's songs. If not for that, it would not be pretty.

She thought back to the events two days ago.

Linh's words had really stung Sophie's heart.

I must ask myself if you are my true friend.

Deep down, Sophie knew that this was something Linh had to say to play it out. To get Sophie to stop nagging.

She had heard the apologetic tone in Linh's voice when she had said, Don't blame yourself.

But Sophie had been more concentrated on getting Linh to see logic, that she hadn't really been able to think about the density of the situation until now.

It was like a natural urge - to blame herself.

She was the only one that had been there. The only one that could've stopped Linh.

Sophie had watched as Linh walked away with the Neverseen. On purpose.

Who does that?

Okay, maybe Keefe had done it. But Sophie had reacted the same way to his departure.

The only difference was Tam had gone with them to keep his twin sister safe. To keep her away from the bad guys.

But Linh had failed to see that. She walked right into a trap.

If Sophie was being honest with herself, she probably would have had a broken mind by now if it weren't for everything Fitz had done for her.


Sophie couldn't ask for anyone better. He stuck by her when she wasn't always fun to be around, and always knew what to say to get her heart to flutter.

She didn't know how to express her thanks to him. For everything. So she had said, "thank you".

Those two words didn't even begin to explain how much she cared about him, but it was a start.


A new wave of guilt washed over her. Once again, she was thinking about herself. Something other than a solution to the big problem hanging over her head.

Another reason for her not to be able to sleep.

She sighed.

By now, she knew nothing would get her to go to sleep besides a sedative – which she refused to even look at – so she slid her legs off the side of the bed.

The cool, smooth floor sent goosebumps up her legs.

Outside her door, she knew Sandor would be intently standing guard along with the others. Lately there was no tricking them. No way around them. They would just have to follow her.

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