Chapter 10

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Miracle POV

It's been 3 days since we've been in Miami. Shit has actually been good. We're actually at the club right now.

"SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS...I'm drinkin," I shouted on the table with a bottle in my hand. "BRAAATATATA BOOM BOOM BOOM"

Devonte laughed looking up at me as I danced on the table.

"Dee come dance with meee," I cheesed grabbing his hand.

"Come down first baby," he licked his lips.

He helped me step down and we rocked to the beat.

"OUCH!" I frowned as someone stepped on my foot.

I looked up to see Karrueche.

"Oops," She cheesed.

Chris laughed pulling her close, "y'all were in the way"


"I'm poppin stop niggas ain't ME," I rapped jumping everywhere. "Deeeee I'm horrnnyyy"

He bit his lips, "oh really?"

I nodded, "Yeah...and I want you to be-OUUUU THIS IS MY SONG...I got a pretty bitch wit a fat ass....AYYYEEE"

"Come on Baby," he grabbed my waist.

"Waiitttt....I HAVE TO PEEEEE," I whined jumping up and down.

He let me go and I went to the restroom.

"OH SHIT....FUCK YEAH," I moaned.

Chris chuckled.

"HEY...Chris get out," I frowned then started to laugh, " You're a girl now"

"Make me," he challenged.

I was still peeing so I really couldn't do anything. I was in the handicap restroom and Chris jumped over inside.


He licked his lips, "would you look at that pussy making that water work"

I giggled covering my pussy with my hand, "stopppp don't loookkk....I'm still won't stop," I whined. "And it won't stop BOOM BOOM"

"Ouuuuuu," Chris smirked.

Finally when I stopped peeing I cleaned myself up and got ready to leave but Chris stopped me.

He stared at me deep into my eyes as he pinned me against the wall.

"Look at those pretty brown eyes"

He made me blush, "whatchu trynna Do Chris"

"Get in between those pretty brown thighs"

"What are you waiting for"

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