If Jaehyun was Your Best Friend

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•okay guyysysysysysys

•jaehyun is my bias out of all of nct

•i love him vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much

•i imagine him to be very sweet when you first meet him

•and the more you two get comfortable together the funnier he gets

•but of course becoming his best friend comes with consequences

•listening to his corny jokes

•and his comments on how handsome he is

•but you love him

•and he loves you

•you and jaehyun go waaaayyyy back

•all the way back to your school days

•yeah, you're the one who had to watch this magic happen

•yeah, you're the one who had to watch this magic happen

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•now you're the one who brings it up all the time

•"hey (y/n), what do you want from the store?"

•"i just want some milk"


•"why do you do this?"

•jaehyun doesn't know what to do without you

•he knows he'll miss your teasing if you go

•since you both lived in america together at one time you're the one who knows about all of his embarrassing moments

•and he knows about all of your embarrassing moments too

•you and jaehyun did taekwondo together

•you had a crush on one of the boys in your taekwondo class when you were just starting out

•it came to a point where jaehyun pushed you to spar with him

•you beat him and he started crying which completely put an end to that crush you had on him

•jaehyun teased you for the longest time until that boy dropped out

•the entire time he was there you couldn't even look him in the eyes

•you were just so embarrassed for him

•but you and jaehyun both eventually got your black belts and moved on

•let's talk about jaehyun's crushes

•a little bit after that yours and jaehyun's parents decided to take you and jaehyun to the park

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