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Hola people!
Okay, so you probably don't know what Eurovision is and if I try to explain it, that'll take up a whole series of books so here's what you need to know.
1. It's a big deal in Europe.
2. It's a contest where one song per country competes
3. I will attach a recording of the song after the chapter so please listen to it.
Ok, that's All!
Let's start.

First song:
Zero Gravity

Tris: Kate Miller Heidke must've definitely been dauntless.
Tobias: Probably some lame version of Dauntless. We'd probably wouldn't even be attached to the cords. It's just hold on for dear life.

Now onto Kotlc...

Biana: I love her dress!
Tam. This seems excessive. I don't understand why she needs to do something so dangerous just to sing a song.
Me:*pops out of nowhere* Yeah, it's a big deal. LISTEN TO THE SONG. *nudges Sophie and Keefe closer.
Grady: *glares*
Dex: I wonder how they rigged those visual effects. *starts talking about techy stuff that nobody understands*
Me:Yep, Eurovision is cool!!!

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