Part 5

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M. Anika meet daksh my brother in law. 

Ani. Hi she forward her hand to him for shaking.

Daksh. Hello.  By the way Bhabi I hadn't thought that u have such a beautiful friend.anika got nervous and try to divert eyes contact with him.

Malika. Yes she is v pretty.

Shavi. Mumma. 😂let's go we r getting late.

Daksh. Mumma.

Shavi. What happened uncle. Why u got shock.

Daksh.  No I mean why r u calling her mumma.

Shavi. When she is my mumma then it's obvious that I'll call her mumma. Kaya uncle u r mad.

Daksh face fell after listening him. He thought he will try to do friendship with anika and here she is married.

Ani. Anyway malika I should go now it's too late now.

M. Anika I think when daksh have came so he will drop u u will feel secure as well as u will reach there without any tension. Ha na daksh.

D. Yeah why not let's go anika ji.

Anika. Nodded and left behind him.

D. Come have a seat. He said opening door for her.

Anika nodded and about to sit when shavi pushed her slightly and set on the front seat.

Da.  Bata mummy ko bathna do.

Shavi. Don't u know man sit in front seat and laddies sit in back one. And more ever I can't compromise with my mumma's safety so. She will sit in back seat and I'll protect her sitting in front. He said flicking his hair.

Ani. It's ok let him sit. I'll ménage in back seat

Daksh glare shavi and make Anika sit in back seat and drove away from there 

Whole way when ever daksh try to see Anika from mirror shavi glare him and turned the mirror. And if he tried to talk to her always shavi interrupting in it and change the topic. Mainwhile they reached near a big bungalow and stepped out of the car.

Ani. Thank u so much daksh ji for lift.

Daksh. O it's alright. It was my duty to help u.

Shavi. Why uncle , why it was ur duty.

Daksh. Bata  I'm helpful person that's why.

Shavi. Hmm he glared him and held his mumma's hand protectively

Anika giggle and kissed his head.

Ani. Thank u daksh ji for help. U r v good person.

Shavi. I don't think so. He frowned at him.

Ani. Shavi baby he is elder then u so don't say like this.

Shavi. Ok uncle I think u should go now. Bye.

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