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When visiting a list on Wattpad, you may have noticed a story sitting on the side advertising itself. It seems pretty nice that someone got to get their story up there and kind of unfair to anyone else. I mean, how come they get advertised and nobody else did?

Those spots are for featured works, a special division of Wattpad for the top stories selected by Wattpad employees and talent scouts. They are not necessarily reflective of a work being extremely popular and are instead based on high quality and originality, and they often also have very active authors behind them. There are also further lists which contain all the featured stories on Wattpad in one place.

Obviously people want the fast answer here which is: does it work? Yes, Featured Stories lists do have a decent retention rate, but they aren't half as good as things like Recent Votes or Reading Lists. Still, any advertising is good advertising, and part of the bonus of being on the Featured Lists is that your story is automatically being recognized for its quality and thus can attract more readers.

In order to get a work featured though, it generally needs to be finished or quite lengthy/serialized on top of being good. So if you're writing and you think being featured is a way to stardom, which it is due to the free advertising everywhere, you need to make sure you write the book. Too many people get hung up a few chapters in and miss out on taking advantage of the tools Wattpad already provides.

Beyond getting a bunch of free advertising, Featured Stories/Writers represent Wattpad as an entity, and are generally on the front page of any situation where we want to advertise stories. Unknown to many people is the fact that there are quotes and covers all over the office at Wattpad from books, and any outsider coming into the office could potentially see your book if it's a featured one. Remember, even when a form of advertising isn't efficient, it's always effective. Being a representative of Wattpad gives a lot of respect from other writers and readers and is certainly being famous on Wattpad, with or without big read numbers. Achieving that level of recognition should be something all authors aim for!

If you want more information onf the process of being featured, you can always talk to @theorangutan and he can assist in a deeper explanation.

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