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Jin (20 y/o) x reader (19 y/o)


(A/n this one shot will only be in Y/N's POV)


*Y/N's POV*

It's 9 pm, Friday evening, as i'm walking home, it's already getting a little dark. Suddenly a girl appears in front of me and smirks at me. 'Help me, please.' She says with a creepy grin.

I pretend not to hear her and walk past her, quickening my pace. But she grabs my arm harshly and screams 'HELP ME!!' This time looking very angry.

I quickly grab my lighter out of my bag and light it up. The girl looks terrified after seeing the fire and disappears. I sigh in relief and walk further.

You see, i can see and touch ghosts. My parents found out when i was 4 years old. My father got terrified and left me and my mother. My mother wasn't shocked at all, because her mother, my grandmother, could see ghosts too. She knew that i couldn't help it that i could see ghosts nor did she think that i was a freak or something. So she loved and cared for me and just raised me as every mother would do. I'm lucky to have such an amazing mother.

There aren't many people who can see ghosts though. But the people who can see ghosts, can grant their last wish. After their last wish is granted, the ghost will disappear from the earth, probably resting in peace. I don't grant their wishes though, because i can't always make a wish come true, for an example when it's something so big that i can't make it come true. And i don't want to grant wishes for a few ghosts and for a few not. Because that's just unfair, so i decided not to grant any wishes.

There are a lot of nice ghosts who understand this, but there are some who go crazy and try to attack me, like the previous girl. When that happens, i'll grab my lighter and light it up because ghosts are afraid of fire so they'll go away. I don't know why they're afraid of it but i found out 10 years ago, when i was 9. A guy ghost was following me and tried to attack me, so i started panicking and ran away. I saw people nearby with a campfire, i ran towards them and as soon as i reached the campfire the ghost seemed terrified and disappeared. Since then i always have a lighter in my bag.

When i reached my house i got a text from my boyfriend Jin.


Hey~ are you free tomorrow?
I thought we should go on
a date:)

I smile at his message and i immediately text him back.

Of course! What are we
gonna do?^-^

You'll see;) see you
tomorrow at 1 am <3

Tsk >.< see you tomorrow <3

I step inside my house and get greeted by my mom.

'Hello sweetie. Did you granted any wishes?' She teasingly says.

'Tsk you know i don't do that.' I answer her as we both chuckle.

'Oh by the way, i'm going on a date with Jin tomorrow. He picks me up at 1 am.' I say as she smiles at me.

'Okay, i'll be heading to work at 10 am so have fun.' She says and we both head towards our rooms.

I took a shower and after that i laid in bed just watching a kdrama. After a few hours i decided to sleep, feeling excited because i'm going on a date tomorrow.

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