15. To the Mansion Again

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Chapter 15 and 16 are updated.

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 I heard a knock on the door.

Later at night, I was in my apartment. I couldn't make up my mind about following Matt's command or not. So, I was still at my place and thinking.

I got startled with a door knock.

What if Matt Hobsons sent his men to forcefully take me to the mansion?

I walked towards the door and opened it.

A young, handsome man in complete black attire stood at the doorway.


He cleared his throat and answered formally, "I'm Aaron. Matt. Hobsons asked me to escort you to the Hobsons mansion."

My guess was right.

The guy didn't look scary. He was far from scary. But, his reason of him standing at my doorway was scary.

"Miss. Frances, I'll appreciate if you cooperate with me. Otherwise, I was told to take you there if I've to use force against you." 

Okay, now he looked scary.

He stepped inside my house and looked around, "You didn't pack your luggage yet. Let me help you."

"No." I blurted out, "I'll do it. You stay out."

He listened to me and stepped out of my house and stood at the door way again.

"You need to hand over your phone to me right now."

"Excuse me?" I felt baffled.

He signed in irritation, "Your phone will be with me from now. If you'll get any call or text, I'll let you know or if you want to contact anyone, let me know. You'll get your phone for five minutes. Your time can be increased depending on whom you're calling."

"What?" I snapped.

So, that old, creepy man was really going to keep his words. He was really going to confine me in his mansion and monitor my call log.

"Don't think that I'm saying all this on my own. I've got instructions from Matt. Hobsons." He added on.

I clenched my fists in frustration, trying to calm down the rising annoyance in me.

"So, will you?"

"Pardon?" I felt lost.

Aaron got irritated. He entered in to my house and started looking around. He finally found my phone which was placed at the bedside.

He immediately reached to it and confiscated it.

"Stop it." I yelled.

He ignored me and walked out of my place.

"You can't just take someone's phone without permission." I yelled louder.

"Miss Frances, I told you to cooperate. Just pack your things and come out. I'm waiting outside." He scowled and then walked out of my sight.

Son of a beast.

I grabbed my temples frustratingly.

They were taking away my freedom. I didn't lie to them. My intentions were sincere for them, still they were treating me like a criminal.

Why, God, why the punishment was so severe?

This was kidnapping. Hell, I couldn't file complain against that brutal family because it would end up disclosing my scam.

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