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"So where you guys tryna go
to eat?" Gracie asks and
the boys all shrug

"How about McDonald's?
How does that sound?" She suggests
and all of the boys except Brandon
seemed happy with going to McDonald's

"I'm feeling Italian, why don't
we go to that little Italian restaurant
in downtown la?" Brandon suggests
with a smirk

To be honest, he really
didn't mind going
McDonalds but he had remembered
that Zion's ex Octavia worked there

"Yeah what was it called? Little Italy
or something?" Edwin asks

"yeah I think it was called little Italy,
Bro their lasagna there is amazing"
Nick exclaims

"So, y'all happy with going there?"
She asks and all of them except
Zion answered

She notices Zion shuffling
in his seat evidently annoyed
and uncomfortable

"Wait... you think you know who still
works there?" Edwin whispers or well
Attempts to

However is unsuccessful and
everyone in the car heard them

"Zion, you're over her aren't you?
it shouldn't be a big deal seeing her"
Brandon says shrugging

"Yeah I know but..." Zion begins but
is cut off by Gracie

"Zion if you aren't comfortable
with going there, we don't have to"
She says sympathetically and
Zion smiles before speaking

"Nah you know what, let's go"
He says confidently which
causes all the boys to cheer

"Little Italy, here we come!"

After about 20 minutes, the boys andGracie arrived at the restaurant

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After about 20 minutes, the boys and
Gracie arrived at the restaurant

when they entered they were
greeted by a sweet elderly woman
who complimented Gracie's looks
as well as pinching the cheeks
of Nick and Brandon

They sat down and began conversing
With each other, waiting for the
waiter to come and take their

Once the waiter arrived and they
all placed their order, they returned
to chatting

Zion knew it was inevitable that
He would see Octavia and he
had been preparing himself

Sure he was over her but seeing
an ex again isn't nice, especially
when the girl you're pursuing
is with you

He was worried that Gracie would
think the worst and assume
that he still has feelings for her

He looks at her and she smiles
before mouthing "you okay?"
to which he responds by
placing a kiss on her hand

"Your food" someone says
which causes Zion to look up and
see Octavia

"Oh-Hey Octavia" Brandon says
but she ignored him and was
just staring at Zion

"Um, my food please" Edwin
says sassily before snatching the plate
of spaghetti and meatballs from
her hands

"I'm adding that to my yelp
review FYI" he says which causes
Austin and Nick to laugh

"May I help you?" Gracie asks her
placing her hand on Zion's thigh

Octavia shoots her a dirty look
before speaking

"I'm just surprised to see him,
he didn't tell me he was back" she

"And why would you think
that you need to know?" Gracie
says standing up

"Oh he hasn't told you huh?"
she asks laughing

"Octavia-" Zion warns but
Octavia ignores Zion

"We slept together, right before
he left"

"We slept together, right before he left"

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