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[IMAGINE FOR TheGluesGirl]

Newt had you pushed up against the bedroom wall, sucking your neck. You quietly moan with pleasure. "Please stop." You beg wanting Newt to kiss your lips instead, but he only does what he wants. You forcefully pull his face up so you can kiss his lips. "Y/N" he mumbles through kisses. He then grabs you and pulls you over to his bed where he lies down so you're on top of him. "Why am I up the top?" You asks in-between kisses, you hated to be in control. "Because Y/N, I love you. That's why." He replies, tugging at your shirt. Even though that was a bad excuse you loved it. You truly did have the best boyfriend.

After you kiss down Newt's jaw line he interupts, "your brother would go ballistic if he knew we were doing this." You pull away. "Well... Don't tell him then." You sarcastically shout pulling his head towards yours. "But Thomas is my best friend!" He interrupts again, "can we not talk about my brother right now?" You ask getting angry. "Right!" He exclaims, rolling you over so he was at the top.


"Wake up Y/N, time to go." Newt nudges you. You groan, "I can't be bothered.." You sigh scratching your eyes. "I know babe we all can't be bothered but we have too anway." He tries to reassure you patting your back and placing a kiss on your lips. "I'll pack your bag for you." He offers grabbing your pack and taking it to the kitchen.

You slowly get up. And walk over zombie like to the dresser to fix yourself up, for the day ahead. Once done you tie up your running shoes and walk over to the maze doors where Newt, Minho and Thomas were waiting. "Hey Minho!" You shout tapping his hand. "Hi Tommy." You give him a hug, "smelling good today... For once." You state pulling away. "Excuse me Y/N... I thought I always smelt good?" You quickly shake your head dramatically, obviously messing with him.

"We should get going." Minho states starting to walk in the maze, "right." You say giving Newt a hug. You and Thomas follow Minho walking deeper and deeper in. "Be careful Y/N" you hear Newt yell from the entry. Before you could reply Minho and Thomas the two cheeky fellas yell out, "thanks baby." You giggle loudly starting to run your separate way. "Bye guys.."

On your travels around the maze you see nothing new, only resulting in you going the exact same thing that happens every other day: finish half the section, eat lunch, finish the other half and go back. Right now you were up the the third one. Instead of running you slower your pace into a fast walk, zigzagging around until you hear something odd. The sound of a griever.

Many questions filled your head but the main one was: why is it there at that time of day. Immediately you decide to run the opposite way, not wanting to come anywhere next to it. You turn the corner and realise that it's trickful sounds had lead you the wrong way. You scream as the sharp needles comes within centre meters of your chest.

The hormones realising adrenaline in your body obviously didn't work fast enough as you just stood there totally unable to move. You wince and cry in pain as the needle pierced your stomach. It then pulled out as you finally fleed. You keep running holding the stinged area. You slow down as you near the glade doors.

When you exit you see Newt running up to you, you quickly try to look normal. "Why are you back so early hun?" He asks confused. "Finished my section real quick." You say slightly leaning to the side to ease the pain. You squint a little. "Everything okay?" He asks worryingly. "Yeah- yeah, of course." You reply totally and completely lying. "Good." He smiles putting a kiss to your lips. Newt then gets called by Alby to help him with something. "Sorry Y/N, duty calls." He pulls away leaving you all by yourself.

You quickly then leap over to the homestead and get in bed. You should have gone to the med-house to go seek help but, you knew what would happen. It happens to everyone who gets stung. They go there seeking help, but never get it. No one ever gets away with a sting, except for your brother of course. He survived for some reason, but you never got told how.

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