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valerie groaned opening her eyes when she heard her phone going off. she sighed when she realized someone was calling her. "what?" she asked with a mumble. "did i wake you?" finn asked. "finn it's 6 in the bloody morning of course you did" valerie yawned before closing her eyes while she listened. "i'm sorry i know it's just they want us in early" finn replied. "did you just find out?" she asked "yeah like 10 minutes ago. they were going to call you but i offered" he chuckle.

"oh thanks" she yawned once more. "i can pick you up if you'd like" finn offered. "i might have to take you up on that offer" valerie responded sitting up. "okay i'll be there in like 20 to 30 minutes" finn said "okay see ya then dweeb" she smirked. valerie heard him laugh before hanging up. valerie sighed before getting out of bed to go get ready.

"oh yeah thanks for knocking" valerie joked as she heard finn walking into her bedroom. "yeah you should really lock your door" finn chuckled handing her a coffee. "what i do with my door is none of your business and thank you" she laughed taking the coffee from him. "should i be concerned with what you do with your door?" he asked. "this is a really weird conversation we're having right now" she stated. "yeah definitely... you ready?" he asked looking at her. valerie nodded and they soon went on their way to set.

"ah geez now they're riding together" paul said when valerie got out of finn's car. "what?" valerie questioned confused. "nothing paul is just cranky huh paul?" cillian asked looking at paul. "..right" paul mumbled glaring at cillian. "huh well anyway" finn said side eyeing paul and cillian who were staring at the two. finn furrowed his brows at the two before walking in a different direction with valerie. "so basically we just make out again right?" finn asked "not sure where the relationship is going between jane and michael but alright" valerie laughed. "maybe it could be an actual relationship if they had us stop sucking each other's mouths off" finn laughed with her. "oh my god shut up" valerie laughed harder pushing him away with her shoulder. finn smiled at her before pushing her back lightly with his.

the two continued talking for a few minutes before valerie had to go to hair and makeup. "i'll see you in awhile" valerie smiled saying her goodbyes before she left. "hey val" sophie greeted with a smile. "hi soph" valerie replied with the same smile. "what're you doing here so early?" sophie questioned looking at the girl. "they wanted finn and i to film one of our scenes now" valerie replied with yet another yawn. "is it gonna be like the others?" sophie asked. "of course it is" valerie laughed shaking her head. "we'll see where it goes i guess" sophie smirked. "yeah i guess so" valerie replied.

"so you like him yet?" sophie smirked. "we wouldn't be friends if i didn't like him soph" valerie chuckled. "no you idiot like like him" sophie said slapping the girls arm lightly. "first of all ow and second of all boys are gross" valerie stated staring at the girl sat next to her. "gross? you only make out with him every five seconds" sophie smirked. "that's acting miss rundle" valerie defended with a laugh. "fuck ton of chemistry then" sophie mumbled. "what?" valerie asked not quite hearing the girl. "nothing" sophie laughed

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