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The girl bit down on her bottom lip to suppress any noise. If there was one thing she knew, crying wouldn't help.

"Pl-please d-don't." She begged, pushing herself as far away from him as possible.

Why did she always do this? Why did she have to be so stupid and always end up getting hurt?

He didn't seem to listen, or maybe he just didn't care, because he tugged on her hair to pull her closer.

"Where are you going, Baby?" He smirked at her fearful expression. "I haven't even touched you yet. Take your punishment like a good girl." The man murmured, as she was shoved to the ground.

A hand tugged on the conservative dress she had on. "Take this off, now." He growled in her ear. "I wanna see it touch your beautiful skin."

Kirstin whimpered, shaking her head quickly. The brunette master's eyes went dark as he roughly tugged the clothing off of her small frame. Kirstin felt so vulnerable and weak.

When the cold air hit her skin she reached for the cloth, not realizing it was in his hand.

The master waved it tauntingly over her body, and the woman curled into a ball, trying to keep as much of her skin covered as possible.

"You should know better than to say no to me, little girl." He spat, a hand snaking towards her inner-thigh and pulling her out from the protection of the position. Alarm bells rang off in her head as the teenage girl felt every touch, kicking and fighting for him to get off of her, but he was much stronger than her.

She wasn't quite sure what it was, but soon a sharp sting connected to her back, creating a tingling sensation. The woman cried out, but no one came. He was the only one around, and this is how everyone would treat her.

"Shut up, bitch." He demanded, his grip on her waist tightening. The female let out a sharp gasp as the next stinging strike came down upon her skin and several more after that.

"I-I'm so-so-sorry!" She stuttered, her gasp of pain wrenching her body in pain and causing her to gag on her words.

"Oh, baby-doll." The man grumbled. "Sorry won't get you anything. I promise."

His hand slipped further up her thighs, ready to do something much more damaging when two men burst through the door.

Her eyes first landed on the tall, dark-skinned man that looked like he could be a stand-in for one of those blow-ups, waving things in car dealerships. He had on a standard apron on.

"I knew I had seen her while I was in the kitchen!" He called, which turned her attention to the familiar face next to him. Mr. Kaplan stood in the doorway with a strong set frown. If looks could kill, right now the man attacking her would have been demolished.

"Lewis! What are you doing?" he growled, pushing the man away from the girl on the ground, landing on the floor with a groan. The bearded male towered over the taller man on the floor.

Several cracks were heard before the tall, lanky male rushed to her side, hanging a coat loosely around her shoulders.

"Here, it's mine. It should be long enough to cover you." He gave a warm smile.

The girl was shaking like a leaf, and although the coat covered most of her small frame, she still felt exposed.

"I'm Matt. My owner is at this party." He smiled, hoping the light conversation would ease her nerves.

A small side smile brushed her lips. He was just like her.

For some reason, looking at the tall, awkward-looking male, she knew he could be trusted. When the first sob fell, sobs took over her body, and she fell into his warm, open arms.

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