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I haven't seen much of Olsen lately, and that was absolutely on purpose.

While I've been drowning myself in work to escape everything, she's been busy planning Eloise's upcoming birthday, which just so happened to coincide with my own. Did Olsen know that it was my birthday? No, she didn't, and that was how I preferred it.

It was going to be a day all about my daughter, and as perfect as that sounded to me, it unfortunately was going to be hell. That was due to the fact that Ally's family felt more than obligated to invite themselves to the party, and also because I had no fucking idea if the devil herself would show up with her new boyfriend. I really didn't want to see her, that guy, or any of her pristine family members, and I especially didn't want them to meet Olsen.

I knew it from the very beginning that I would never think to confuse Olsen with Ally simply because they were obviously different, and that they would clash instantly. The way that Olsen and I interacted around each other was weird because I felt drawn to her, but then when she was near, I couldn't help but push her away. I didn't know what exactly drew me to her besides the obvious; Eloise adored her, and that made me feel differently towards her deep down.

We've worked together for a year, and a lot has changed during that time for I assume the both of us.

When I arrived at work a few days before the birthday party, nearly everyone that I coerced with on a day-to-day basis was asking me questions that regarded Eloise and her interests so they could pick out the perfect present, and until I received a text message from Olsen asking me why her phone was blowing up all day long, I didn't realize that I kept telling everyone to just ask her instead. I felt frustrated by the party in general just because I knew deep down that a lot of people I hated were going to be showing up regardless of whether I wanted them to, and I hated it because it was my daughter's big day. I knew better than to cause a scene and ruin everything that Olsen worked for, not to mention make myself look like an ass in front of everybody that I've ever come in contact with throughout my life, but I didn't know how I was going to survive through the party.

Olsen- why am I getting tons of messages from people asking what to get eloise for her bday?

I sighed, and quickly typed out a response in between appointments.

Harry- sorry, just ignore them

Instead of responding to me like she usually always did, I never received anything back, and honestly that did hurt my feelings more than I'd like to admit. I knew that she was upset with me over me purposefully pushing her away, but I guess I just never bothered to care about it before. I couldn't fully explain or even understand just how Olsen managed to get under my skin during our time together, given we never actually spent any time alone thanks to me, but there was something there that I never saw before. Maybe it had everything to do with how well she treated my pride and joy, Eloise, or maybe it had nothing to do with that and everything to do with just simple attraction. Olsen didn't have supermodel looks by any means, in fact she was practically the definition of average with her pale skin, ashy colored hair, and brown eyes to match, which was the complete opposite of Ally.

Ally was stunning to look at, and that's how she reeled me in. She had long, voluminous, raven colored hair that was always neat and tidy, a body that any woman would kill for, and she knew how to get whatever she wanted with manipulation. I could never see it at first because I was in love with her, or so I thought for so long, but now I was able to see her for what she really was, and I was so fucking glad that Olsen wasn't like her in the slightest.

Olsen was the polar opposite of women that I normally found myself attracted to, and I guess that's exactly what was drawing me towards her.


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