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The night descended upon Remnant as deep within the land of Darkness a dark spire jutted upwards; the broken moon of Remnant stood in the horizon, and the echoes of a newborn echoed within.

Third Person POV

Within the dark halls of Salem's castle; the faint cry of a newborn echoed throughout the abyss. A small infant was held in the pale arms of the Queen of all Grimm. The young child held her dark corrupt eyes but his skin was fair and soft.

For the first time in what felt like an eternity.... the dark queen held a smile on her face; not one of maliciousness, but one of a warmth and joy. She held the baby tightly as he looked around inquisitively; slowly falling his sights on his mother

Salem: "~Hush little baby don't you cry. Momma's gonna take care of you."

The infant giggled innocently as he tightly held onto her fingers; he held the innocence that she longed for, and held the purity she lost long ago. He stood in antithesis to here, but it mattered not. For this little boy was her prince; a prince to all Grimm.

Salem: "What to call my little prince."

The baby looked up with tired eyes; slowly yawning as he rubbed his head into her chest. Slowly Losing consciousness as Salem grew a small smile.

Salem: "Y/n..... I like that name...."

The child yawned once more before falling into a deep sleep in her arms.

Salem: "Y/n Grimm....... my little prince....."

Timeskip(10 years later)

A young child was seen running through the halls of the dark castle; his innocent smile never faltered for a minute as a small horde of Grimm chased him. They howls echoed throughout as the child's smile widened, but Suddenly he was tackled by a lone Beowulf.

Slowly The Beowulf looked down at the child as its dark red eyes pierced into the child's; before suddenly licking him repeatedly. This gesture garnered a giggle from the little boy as he hugged the Grimm tightly.

Y/n: "You got me!"

The Grimm released a low growl before nuzzling into the little boy; the other Grimm began to surround
Y/n as well. They carefully surrounded him in a protective stance as their eyes wandered around the castle.

Quickly the boy jumped from under the Grimm as he turned to the others. They all carefully sat down as the boy smiled and struck a Fighting pose.

Y/n: "Pew pew!!!"

He made finger guns and pretended to shoot the Grimm; in response they made exaggerated motions before falling to their backs. Lightly twitching while pretending to be dead.

Y/n: "Haha Another victory for Y/n!!!"

He began to jump with joy before hearing a familiar crazy scorpion call out to him.

Tyrian: "My Prince!!!! The Goddess has requested your presence!!!!!"


I groaned in annoyance as Tyrian ran up to me while panting heavily; his eyes held enough madness and insanity for an entire civilization, but his mind and heart were in the right place..... I think..

Tyrian: "Come my prince; the almighty goddess has requested your presence."

I sighed before nodding; he grew a relieved smile, but what he didn't know was that I had my fingers crossed behind my back!!! A genius move for the almighty Y/n!!!!

Me: "Say uncle Tyrian.... have you ever met Vegeta Jr.?"

He grew a confused look before shacking his head.

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