Her Violet Eyes - Part 1

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Run faster my precious, keep running...I'm going to get you.

Oh god I had to keep going, I could taste stomach acid as I choked on my own fear, my body was reaching its limit and I couldn't stop.

That's it keep running, oh you make it so exciting.

My heart skipped a beat and I let out a small scream as I stumbled over a huge fallen tree, my voice seemed to echo around me in the dense forest.

I can't wait to feel your heart, taste your life blood.

No, No, No, No. I was slowing down I couldn't push myself harder I needed rest. Oh god I'm going to die. A tree branch ripped across my face, it stung when my tears hit the cuts.

Don't give up yet dear, you're making the hunt boring, and I so very want to feel the catch, to rip of your flesh.

It was pointless, and though my body wanted to stop, needed to stop, my mind said no. I would keep running.

You're going to die.

My exhaustion peaked and dark splotches burst before my eyes, I could hear something behind me and I knew I was going to die.

First I'll rip my claws into your back, I'll touch your spinal cord and you will scream in pain, I will taste your blood, I will have it.

I faltered and my fear increased, my panic caused my mistake, I fell and felt my ankle twist in an unnatural way.

Oh what a silly girl, now how will you run?

I rolled over and scrambled onto my knees, I wasn't going to let my body give up that easy, I began a pitiful crawl to the base of a tree, but it was useless.

I didn't make it two meters when I felt its claws slicing into my back, ripping my flesh.

Oh so pretty, the pretty life blood pours onto my hands, I consume thee and your heart is mine, oh what a pretty, pretty hunt.

I screamed in agony and blackness consumed me.

I woke up gasping for air and sweat plastering my hair to my face, holy shit that was a creepy dream.

I managed to calm down enough to see what the time was - 4:30am - oh great, so not only do i have the most messed up dream ever, it also managed to wake me up a full 2 and a half hours before i had to actually get up, and cause me to almost have a pre mature heart attack. Great job imagination, i fell back asleep.

"Good morning Leighton, breakfast is on the table"

my mum was ironing as i stumbled into the kitchen.

"morning mum" i grumbled back at her.

My mum never failed to be happy in the morning, she could tell i was in a bad mood, but she wouldn't ever let that ruin her happy one, especially since she now has Jeff to make her smile.

"are you looking forward to your first day at your new school sweetie?"Mum beamed at me as i sat down to my bacon and eggs.

"yeah mum, it will be a... great experience..." I wasn't looking forward to it, and mums 'over positivity' was kind of putting me off my food.

"oh honey it will be fun, and you look so cute in your school uniform! although... it's a bit short dont you think" She held it up when she stopped ironing, i'll admit even i was worried about the length of theblack dress we had to wear.

It was very cute though, It was long sleeved, tight, lowcut neckline that was covered by an inbuilt blouse, with a very full skirt - about mid thigh length -i thought it looked like a tiny cute dolls dress.

"Oh mum, i'm sure it will look fine on me... it's not that short"

"mmm" mum was distracted playing with my new uniform.

I guess it was time to meet my doom, oh im sure it won't be that bad but at this moment i was dreading it., i lazily dragged myself up the stairs to the bathroom.

My morning shower felt nice on my back, it relaxed my muscles and almost made me forget about that weird dream, plus my shampoo smelled amazing and i didn't want to start the day smelling funky, what if there were really cute guys at my new school?

When i walked into my room to get changed - my mum had lain my dress on my bed- i was greeted with an almost sad looking, empty room. You see, my belongings had all been sold or packed away.

Thats right, my new school was a boarding school.

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