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Normal: Korean
Italics: English

A few of the members bounced around anxiously as they waited for their boarding time to come up, Changbin and Minho were sleeping on each other and Hyunjin was attempting to comfort Jeongin.

"Are you sure it's safe for us to travel by plane?" Jeongin asked as he fidgeted around in his seat.

"There's no other way Innie, dad will help us get there safely," Chris assured the younger with a gentle pat on his back. Hyunjin offered a small smile as he gently squeezed his shoulder; he begun to whisper some words into his ear but to no avail his voice didn't come out.

He looked over to Luna who had a finger pointed at him as she walked over to the three of them. "Don't use charmspeak on him, I can take care of him"

She kneeled in front of Jeongin, placing a gentle hand on his knee, he looked at her with worried eyes as his anxious ticks lessened. "Come on Innie, lets go for a walk" she smiled softly which made the younger one feel more at ease as he nodded. She got up and gently grabbed his hand, leading him away from the boarding area.

His grip on her hand was tight as she spoke in a gentle voice about aimless things to distract his mind. They soothed him a bit but his mind still decided to wander back to his anxiety.

"Do you want something to eat or drink?" She looked up at him then at a coffee shop. He shook his head, tugging on her hand in the direction of the others. She got the memo and they headed back to them; he was still clinging to her but he was calmer than before.

"You never gave him his voice back" Chris pointed to a pouting Hyunjin once the two were in front of him; Luna stifled a laugh before snapping her fingers. Hyunjin slowly spoke, testing his voice as it wasn't the first time Luna had taken one of the Aphrodite kids voice. "Come on, sit with us, Innie needs you" Chris scooted over to let them sit down.

Jeongin curled into the girl as she comforted him by gently smoothing his hair down and humming to him.

"Why don't you sing him something?" Hyunjin suggested whilst running a hand through his hair; she looked down at Jeongin who's head rested on her chest with a questioning look. He gave her a small nod, holding onto her waist tightly. She waved for Felix to come over, whispering a few words in his ear that weren't audible to anyone else.

Felix dug around in his backpack before pulling out a roll up keyboard; he started to play a gentle melody so Luna could sing to it.

You love me with your bones
You hold me when I'm broke
You don't ask for a thing
Oh, I hope it's you they put me in the ground by

Know where I've been, where I'm from
You know who took me to prom
You've watched as my legs and pride grew taller
Oh, I wanna be the one you call drunk

Oh, I know that we march to the beat of different drums
We're still so damn young
In and out of believing in love
What the fuck's love?
All I know is love
When push comes to shove
I'll be the one a-

Round and round we go
So much I don't know
But even though this ain't pretty and simple like a bed of roses
'Least I know my hope is
That you stick around 'til the end 'cause you're my best friend

You cut me, I bleed gold
I miss you though you're cold
You're inside a different soul when I'm not around
But that's ok, I do the same

Oh we're in a maze with no end
But I'm amazed to no end
Darling, we don't ever have to pretend
Who knows what or who we choose
Right now I've nothing to lose
You love me, I love you

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