I will never forget that day when I walked in on my husband in bed with Alexis Hayes aka my "best friend". I was so angry not only towards them but towards myself too that I actually thought that he loved me. I was a fool in love.
Right after I caught them, I ran away. I ran away from my family. I ran away from my home. I ran away from my problems. I ran away to Brazil. A place I know no one could find me.
Brazil is a beautiful country that I live in for 3 years now with my beautiful 2 almost 3 years old daughter. I know I should have told him about Olivia but at that time I felt too hurt to even face him.
I still love him and I know I'm an idiot for that. I want to just live happily with my daughter. I still feel the sadness when having no one next to me when bringing Olivia into the world. If only things turned out different.
I now work at a restaurant just across my apartment that I now call home. It's enough to keep food on the table for me and Olivia since I left New York with nothing but my passport and a few cash. I did not call to tell my family about why I left. I just want to live in peace. And I did not want anyone knowing where I am.
Olivia's birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I planned a party for her. Nothing big, just a few friends that work with me at the restaurant.
People do ask me why I left New York but I just keep saying the same answer, "I want to try something new," which is true.
Every time I go to work which is just on the weekdays, I ask my roommate, Jeana, to help me take care of Olivia. I,of course, have to pay her since she also needs the money. Jeana only works at night at a bar downtown.
Jeana has helped me since I bumped into her at the airport. She was dropping off her previous roommate who was moving out. And she took me to her 2 room apartment. One of the rooms I share with Olivia. Since then she has been a great friend.
At first, it was hard to trust people. But Jeana is different and I knew that when I first met her. She was just too sweet and innocent for someone not to trust. But still do not judge a book by its cover. After 3 years living with Jeana, I realized that under all those shyness was a very cheerful lady.
She was out of the country visiting her family when I gave birth to Olivia.
Now, I live my life as simple as possible. No rich arrogant man around. At least that's what I thought.

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