Deleted Chapter: Catherine's death

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(This chapter takes place on day 4. Since Bobby fell into a coma on Night Three, the chapter is now reductant) 

Bobby instructed the others to meet outside the library at midday. Looking over at the clock on the library, both hands were on twelve. They were all late except for one.



Catherine's appeared optimistic for somebody who had just lost a son. A vibrant grin and wrinkles and blemishes veiled in makeup. Long red hair covered her bloody bra and shorts.

"I'm sorry to hear about your son," Bobby said.

Catherine leaned back with her hands on her waist. "It's okay. Shit happens."

He thought he was hearing things. "Say that again?"

"Shit happens."

Bobby didn't know what to say, but he felt pain pumping through his body. Fists clenched like balls, Bobby resisted the urge to punch her. "Catherine... I know your hurt, but this isn't the way to honour Alfie's memory."

"Alfie was an autistic fag!" Catherine announced, smiling as she said it. "He deserved to die."

The power of words had a way of overwhelming Bobby. He did his best to conceal his anger with a blank face. Catherine's words made Bobby think of one question. "Did you kill Christian and Alfie?"

She took off her bra. "Why don't we do it?"

"I asked you a question."

"And I asked you a question too." Catherine winked, pouting with her breasts.

"You know what my answer is."

In hysterics, Catherine threw herself onto Bobby's jacket. "You're so funny. Of course I did."

"Because I want to be a billionaire."
"Your son is dead and all you think about is sex?"
"Come on, catholic priests are the worst. Let's do it. Come on, don't you miss it?"

"I'm not missing out on anything!"

"Your friend Todd was nice though. He knows how to make a girl squirt."

"The only person you should be having sex with is your husband."

"Oh don't be such a spoilt sport."

"Please get off me."

"Oh come on. Help me get closer to God. Unlike that filthy brat of mine who's playing in Satan's sandpit."

"That's no way to talk about your son."

"You don't understand. He was just a burden."

"How can you talk about your own son like that? Alfie was sweet and caring. We all liked him."

"He's the reason my acting career was ruined. I should have 50 Oscar trophies by now."

"Fame... is that all that matters to you?"

"It's all that matters."

"The world is watching us, even your family. Do you think they'll be happy watching this."

"Do you think God will be happy with you promoting violence?"

"I know God better than anyone on this island. He doesn't care where you're from, what your colour you are and what sexuality you are. But he cares about what you do and how you treat others. And believe me, Catherine, there's a special place in hell for people like you."

"Hah! And you think God will be happy with you waving that big hammer at me? Compensating for small cock?"

"That's not your concern." Bobby roared, raising his sledgehammer above his head. "He'll be angrier at you for disrespecting your children. Children are a gift, not some pawn to boost your career."

"You think you're so tough, hiding behind a bible, shabby cross and white-collar."

"You're not Catherine! You're a robot."

"What!" Catherine roared with mechanical laughter as if she was possessed by a devil. "Look, this is all real."

"No human would talk about their own flesh and blood like that. You're not the Catherine I know. Be gone you satanic robot!"


"Forgive me. I was wrong." 

Catherine dead
Bobby comatose
Bobby & Todd - 200 points
X points to all pairs.

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