Part 17

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This is such a shit chapter because it's a filler, but I need to write secrets & I've just given up on everything at this point but yolo,

Also, Elliot, stop drinking pineapple juice, even I don't do that, Mon' the irn bru #HH

Brad admitted he liked me. He actually did it.

So we decided to go and get some dinner and drinks, probably at Cahoots.

We're sitting in a restaurant, nothing to fancy it's literally a Nando's just around the corner from his apartment.

See I like this, just sitting chatting. It feels so much easier to talk now, usually I'd be scared to say something and ruin the whole mood, but him admitting his feelings made my life ten million times better.

"It's actually two months today since we met" Brad says eating his rice
"really?" I ask
"yeah, it's almost like an anniversary" he says "that's one way to put it" I say, he smiles sheepishly,
"yet" he begins "this is only our third date" he says
"well, we've twice fucked now" I say "dates are just convenient" I say
"now, that's a fact" he says pointing at me, then my phone buzzes.

DadXx-Aidan is in hospital, nothing serious, just some heart papiltations, like you xxx

"Fuck" I say
"what is it?" He asks, I can tell he knows I'm worried, the sudden change in my voice must of alerted him, I look up at him, his eyes full of worry
"Aidan's in hospital" I say
"I'll be back in a minute" I say standing up and calling my dad.

"Hey" He answers almost immediately
"hey" I say "is he okay? What's happened?" I ask, flooding him with questions
"he is fine, just some palpitations but I got worried because he was short of breath" he says, his voice shaking
"I'll get the first train up" I say
"no! no Cara" she says
"dad! I'm coming" I say
"No, Cara he's completely fine, he's just in a ward and they're monitoring him, if it gets worse come up but for now just stay home" he says
"dad, I know what could happen" I say
"Cara, I know too, I remember it clearly, not as if you were in and out of hospital for seventeen years" he says letting out a low sigh "okay, okay" I say, defeated,
"okay Cara, I have to go" he says,
"okay keep me posted" I say and he hangs up.

I walk back into the restaurant Brad sitting on his phone at our table "are you okay?" He asks, not looking up, I'm guessing he heard my chair scrape across the floor
"yeah" I say, almost too quiet to be heard, "what's wrong?" He asks putting his phone down and leaning across the table
"Aidan's in hospital, his heart was having palpitations and they're just doing tests" I say "oh" he says leaning back
"I just want to get pished" I say and he chuckles
"Cara, you know I would usually be down but I'm not tonight" he says
"why?" I ask
"not for my sake, for your own, you would've probably said you would go to Manchester to go sit in the hospital with them, but you were told no, what if it gets worse and you're too drunk or hungover to go up" he says and I nod "fair point" I say
"come on" he say standing up and extending his hand
"where are we going?" I ask
"Where ever you want" He says as I stand up.

We end up just walking, my hands are stuffed in my skirt pockets and Brads are dangling by his side, swaying with every step he takes.

"Why'd you start smoking?" Brad asks, very randomly and out of the blue
"Andrew and my dad did, kinda just picked up from them when my mum left, then continued" I say
"Weren't you fifteen?" He asks, I just nod, it's not something I'm proud of
"my dad used to say, we're all addicted to something to take the pain away" I say
"oh" he says.

We walk for a bit longer before my legs ache and we're at a subway station.

I've spent the last twenty four hours with Brad and in all honesty I don't want him to leave.

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