2~ Fish

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It's been a long day.

The ride home is a little more pleasant, the demon isn't with us. Cheer practice might actually be my new favorite thing if it keeps her away.

Seated between Aspen and Gentry, we come to a stop in front of our house. "Wow, new neighbors." Aspen states like he's the one who lives here.

Technically, with the amount of time the Jones boys spend at our house, they might as well live here.

"I never noticed." Gentry adds and I scoff, he has the observational skills of a blind person.

We watch as a guy walks out of the house, carrying a load of boxes to the trash can.

"Holy Hell." I gasp, eyeing his shirtless torso.

"Doesn't he own a shirt?" Aspen mutters distastefully.

"I'll remember that Friday night when you show up to the game with body paint over your nipples." I snip, still gawking.

"And you'll be drooling like a fool then too."

"You wish." I slap him, "You Edward Cullen wanna be. He looks better than you shirtless and I haven't even seen him up close."

"I'm the best looking guy in school." He boasts

"I'm good looking." Gentry offers trying to join the argument.

"Plus, you just admitted I look good shirtless."

"You wish."

"Enough, Jo, we have to cook dinner. Mom just texted, she'll be home late."

That snaps me from my fight, that's code for she's at her second job.

Aspen winces, "Do you want to come over for dinner? Mom's gonna make veggie lasagna, she can use glutton free noddles."

We share a look, and while we both know Lana's food would be amazing, we need to clean.

"Sorry, Penny, the house is a mess and you know how mom gets." I offer weakly.

He nods, unlocking the door. "I'll see y'all later."

I go to get out after my twin but he grabs my arm, "Jojo, text if she's not home by ten so we know you guys are okay. If something fishy happens dad can always swing by."

Offering another smile, I shut the door. Aspens dad is the chief of police, he try's to sneak a patrol car down our road on nights like this without our knowledge.

We always know.


Hours later, I'm outside tossing my poor attempt of homemade pizza in the garbage when I notice a dog following me.

I go right, it goes right. I go left, it goes left. I'm halfway through doing a circle when I notice how stupid I must look.

Bending over, I read the collar carefully. I'm allergic to pets. "Maggie, how you doing girl?"

She barks, wagging her tail excessively. The address matches the house next door, someone got new tags quickly. Glancing down at my stained sweatpants and tank top, I decide knocking isn't a good idea. However, the garage is open.

"Come on, girl." I lead her through the grass and into the garage, trying to find a decent place to leave her between all the boxes.

"Stay." I order.

Taking a step back, she follows.

"No." I whine, getting her to lay down.

Slowly, I ease backwards, slightly slouched to keep her distracted. "Don't go anywhere."

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