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-"Soft ass lips." I mumbled. He laughed at me.

"You want them to be dry?" He asked. I shook my head calling my brother. Gotta tell him where I'm at.

I cant wait til i graduate so i can move out to my own apartment. Start my successful tattoo business. I've done tattoos before and they were pretty good. Hell, i even did Kaleb. I'm surprised he trusted me to do it.

"Wassam with it?" He answered. He ugly as fuck😂.

"I just wanna tell you I'm at Kaleb house before you flip out." I tried to say. Kay was giving me some hickeys so i really couldn't talk.

"What girl? I can't hear you." He said. I could tell he was at the studio.

"Stop. I said I'm at Kaleb house." I said.

"You know what imma do? Imma buy yo ass an apartment. Cause everytime you leave, you slam a nigga door. Maybe y'all can stay in it together." He said.

I looked at Kaleb who was dancing.

"You really should. I don't be slamming shit. But i gotta go bye!" I hung up the phone.

"He bout to get me an apartment! And lemme go look at this shit." I said getting up looking in the mirror.

There was so many.

"You always playing." I laughed.

"Nah you playing. Want some to eat?" He asked walking into the kitchen. I looked at him.

"Yeah ion know why i asked that question neither when i know the answer." He shrugged. I laughed.

"Whatchu bout to make?" I asked.



man i really been updating. So this book might be finished very quickly. But still, this just a chill ass book with no plot lol...🌹

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