Chapter 25

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'You draw a line, and I'm busy erasing. You draw a line and I'm busy erasing
Between a friend and lover, that boring tug of war, I don't need friendship anymore
I cut the line and you're busy tying it back up. I cut 
the line and you're busy tying it back up
I want to cross the line and look at you right now'
-- Borderline (EXO-SC)

I was going through their album and came across this beautiful piece that relates so much with my book. 

~What is your favorite song from EXO's month?

You might not get hold of things right now (regarding the plot) but I promise everything will fall into it's rightful place before you even know it :)                                          

"Oh, don't tell me, do you love me?"

"Maybe yes, but would you care--" I clapped my hand over my mouth. My eyes closed shut in embarrassment, trying to block out the image of his shocked eyes at my abrupt confession.

I rushed down the corridor at hundred kilometer per hour. Stupid, stupid Mirae. Don't you have any filter? Why do you always have to end up embarrassed? I groaned as the cursed words kept replaying in my mind again and again. After I had blurted that out to Jinyoung, I made a run for life. And that means not only did I confess quite bizarrely, I ran away at full speed too. So instead of making a bigger fool of myself, I decided upon hiding myself from my boyfriend for as long as possible. Brilliant strategy of mine, isn't it? I know I'm a genius.

But that wasn't so easy. We had History in like five minutes and I would have to face him nevertheless. I walked inside the Prefect's bathroom, splashing ice cold water on my face. I sighed deeply, preparing myself. Maybe now is the time to skip class?  

I heard something scratching behind me. I glimpsed back and screamed in fright. "Aaah!!!! What the fuck are you doing down there?!!"

Chanyeol looked up from his notebook boredly. "Writing stuff." He answered shortly.

I placed a hand on my chest to control my uneven breathing, leaning against the basin.

"What's got your knickers in a twist?" He commented without looking up.

I rolled my eyes. I am NEVER going to tell him what I just did. Nuh-uh. Not a chance. He would definitely laugh at my silliness. Or maybe scold me for saying it so soon without any consideration?

"Nothing." I rubbed my hands on the towel as the bell rung and I reached for the door. Looking back, I asked, "Aren't you coming we've got class."

He shook his head. "Nah, I don't feel like it."

I rolled my eyes, walked closer to him offering a hand. "No way, you aren't bunking on my watch."

He grinned taking my hand. "I guess I can walk you to class."

The History class room was just round the corner. "I guess I am-" As we neared in, I realized that if I kept walking with him, I was most likely to run into Jinyoung. Plus Yumi would be there too, I felt guilty. She would kill me if she finds out how stupid I am.

"You're what? Speechless in my presence?" He smirked.

"Can you do me a favor?" I interrupted Chanyeol.

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