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Y/n pov
Well it's been a few days, Dante and me are ok. We are becoming better friends, I mean we still where after the break up but we just didn't talk as much.Well now time to head out. I got a food and then my mom took me to set. I see this girl. Is she going to be on the show. Mmm I see her laughing. It was with Dante. I felt something...jealously? No no no ....right?. Welp this is great. He seems happy. I got a call from Finn.

Y/N in bold
Finn is underline

Hey what's up?
I heard your in Canada!!
Well yes
Cool maybe wanna hang?
Well I'm sorta on set
It's good I can go there and we can hang

I stopped for sec. I turned to see Dante and the girl and thought yeah why not

Okay sure I'll text you the place
Okay bye see you

I texted Finn the place.

"Okay okay guys, so we have a new girl in the show, everyone this is grace"- one of the directors said
"Hello grace"- we all said
"Oh yeah umm so Finn might be coming over, Finn wolfhard by the way"- I said
"Oh sure that's fine"- a other person said
"Okay okay good"

We were doing some scenes. I felt two pairs of arms around me. I turn around to see the one and only Finn freaking Wolfhard!

"Finnie"-I said hugging him
"*n/n*[nickname]"- he said

We let go

"Gosh I missed you"- we both said at the same time. I turn to see Dante kinda pissed, well um ok I guess.
We finished filming. Finn congratulates me. Gosh I really missed this Finn land. Dante kept looking at us mad again? Huh?. Wait is he over me...?? Am I even over him??


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