Thank you

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Hello, this is the writer of the book "Obsessed". Apparently it was my greatest book that I've ever wrote. I hope I write many more of them in the future to entertain you, the readers, and give you the feelings of being taken to another place, time and weather.
I want to thank all of you for supporting my story and voting for it. It all started little by little to put up this story. But it wouldn't be successful without the help of:
KathyBlack394 for being the first to read my story and giving me her name "Kathy" to be the main part of the story. Thank you!
joyful_royalty92 and giving me courage to continue this story. Thank you, you are the best❤️
And of course I thank all of you, the readers, for supporting, voting and of course reading my story. I promise to come back with new stories in the future. Thank you!!!

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