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q: what is your favorite k-pop group?
a: red velvet! i've been into them ever since the rookie/red flavor era and my love for them has only grown if anything! but blackpink and nct will always hold a special place in my heart as well because i've liked them since debut and gone through major phases. i also love chungha (she's a soloist)!

q: what is your favorite ship?
a: ultimately, probably jaerosé. i feel extremely attached to this ship for some reason, probably because they were the first ones i got into. jenyong is practically tied with them. some of my other favorite ships include seulmin, jungri, tenlisa, ryugyu, johngha, and vrene!

q: which story are you most passionate about writing?
a: definitely victor. writing about all of the ships is frazzling but also so entertaining! i love developing the relationships and characterization of each of the characters, especially jenyong and yusoo! not gonna lie, witchcraft has been tiring me out and i'm having a bit of writers block, but i'm going to try to get back on track this summer since i know the majority of my readers are really into that book!

q: favorite fics/authors on wattpad?
a: there are so many. if i've commented/spam voted your stories, that probably means i really liked it and your style of writing. my all time favorite fic still has to be doomsdays by kingsglaive! lately, my favorite authors have been bellesillage (my wattpad sis, 1/3 of the holy trinity, Best Writing Ever), btaeky (literally all stories are amazing, i'm addicted) and iridescience (cutest luqi story and the best graphics editor i've ever seen omg). there are so many more but those are just a few!

q: facts about yourself?
a: i just graduated bitchezzzz so i'm lounging around and doing literally nothing except work, eat, write, sleep, repeat! i also just made an instagram called @nctsociety where i post updates and rants, so feel free to follow! i also have several fics in the works but i'm gonna try to finish victor and serendipity (major writers block on this omg) first. lmao these aren't personal facts but it's all i can afford to give out at the moment.

anyway, i hope you guys liked that lil q&a! enjoy reading through my story characters and their facts in the next billion chapters!! tysm for reading — don't forget to vote and comment and i'll see you all when i see ya! 💫



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