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Zak was even more weirded out "stream…?? Me??? Snoring????"

Darryl just ended the call since he didn't want to be annoying with the donations or anything else.

"Eh, okay then…???" Zak walked over to his closet and changed, when he wanted to brush his hair, he just couldn't find the brush, so he decided not to brush his hair since he was lazy to look more carefully.

Darryl continued streaming, until Skeppy/Zak logged on, since he got bored he decided to call him on TeamSpeak and challenge him in Skywars.

Zak just gladly accepted, knowing Darryl can't win.

Darryl said that if he won, he can call Zak "muffin" anytime he wanted to. So they made a duel match in Skywars, Zak took his iron chestplate, his iron leggings and a leather helmet, leaving him to go take another chest to find a golden sword and an enderpearl.

Darryl on the other hand got a golden helmet, leather boots and iron leggings, and a stone sword.

Zak quickly rushed to another chest and got some TNT and wood, he made a pressure plate and prepared for an attack.

Darryl got into the middle but then rushed right back and threatening Zak with a bow.

Zak was just joking around, and didn't get knocked off.

Zak turned around for a few seconds to raid a chest and Darryl rushed over and started hitting him.

"HeEeY! SoTp" Zak yelled out and started hitting Darryl.

"StoP" "diE skEppY" Darryl said.

Zak placed down TNTs and the pressure plate, surely enough Darryl stepped on it, it was about to explode (3 TNTs) , but Darryl just jumped behind a few blocks, Zak got exploded away into a stream of water.

Darryl took that to his advantage and hit him so he'd fall, Zak fell into the water again.

Darryl jumped after him, then getting to the bottom of the stream where was the void, and he knocked Zak into it.

Skeppy has been knocked into the void by BadBoyHalo

Darryl yelled out "you're officially a muffin!*

Zak just got angry saying he cheated "you cheated!" , Or that he wasn't paying attention "I wasn't paying attention!", Or that someone called him "someone called me!" While voice-cracking.

Zak just got angry saying he cheated "you cheated!" , Or that he wasn't paying attention "I wasn't paying attention!", Or that someone called him "someone called me!" While voice-cracking

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"you're bad Skeppyyy!" Darryl kept repeating.

"ShuT uP piNeCoNe" Zak got clearly annoyed.

*Donation sound*

Ah, arguing like a couple. You even have nicknames!

"StOp EvERyoNe!" They yelled at the same time.

"SOtP" Zak yelled at Darryl. "NO yOu sTop" Darryl yelled back at Zak.

"StOp yOu mUFfiN"
"SToP iT bAldBoyHaLo" Zak snapped at him.

After a while of fighting, they didn't realise it had been over 10 minutes.

"You know what I have the feeling you're hitting on me." Zak said.
"I'm not, and you know that!" Darryl snapped at him.

"You're the one hitting on ME Skeppy!" Darryl protested.

"You're the one who asked me to move in with you!" Zak said. "You're the one who accepted it!" Darryl said back.

*Donation sound*

"You're gonna live with eachother?? 😍"

"Oh my goodness…" Darryl sighed, clearly not knowing what to do. After that he looked at the chat. "GayBoyHalo" "GayLordHalo" "this is hitting on Skeppy level 100" and other stuff related to them.

"Oookay that's all, bye muffins!" Darryl said.

"WaiT nO" "nOoOoO!" "Nonono" and other stuff, after that, the stream ended.


That's all for this chapter, hope you enjoyed reading it, if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me!

Thanks to YesPleaseEndME for helping me out with this story!

Total word count: 1215

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